Get yourself 4 professional hands and get the best massage treatment ever.  2 therapists, quality massage just you and peace.



  • Get yourself a full package of massage with fine methods.
  • 2 therapists enhancing the comfort and pure relaxation
  • Straight 120 minutes of pleasure


Full description:


When two therapist makes a duo, the massage gets on to a next level. All your exhaustion fades away and you get pure pleasures of relaxation and relief. The visit to Dubai isn’t completed without a touch of pure fine massage.

This massage helps every vein and muscle of you get soothed. The two professionals give heavenly feeling with their tactics and focus on pressure points. Fell the unified wave of energy and lose yourself.

Staff uses grape seed body oils which boosts the relaxation factor. So, get your physical, mental and spiritual relaxation with our experts. We promise 120 best minutes of your life. Get the most placid experience of your life now!

What’s included:

  • 120-Minutes of pampering treatment
  • Ultimate peaceful and calm environment.