Maladubai-AzmaraJourneyIf you wish to have a great time with your loved ones, then here is a chance to sit back and relax because The Azmara spa brings all that you need, treatments for you and your partner. A perfect getaway for you both.


Key features

A wonderful way to relax, especially designed for hard working people like you. If you want to have a nice time where you can actually relax and feel good so say bye to worries then, here is what you need to do. Take your partner with you so that you both get refreshed and enjoy together. This three-hour spa is very professionals and by the end you will be served with delicious food, complementary deal.


  • 30-minute sessions for facial cleanse
  • One-hour session for body massage, with Aroma oil
  • A body wrap filled with rose and sandalwood water to enhance your skin
  • Choose your playlist and relax
  • Refreshments and complementary meal
  • A private terrace garden for a fine out door hand and foot cleanse
  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzis with scented lounge and steam
  • A Gym to add on to the relaxation
  • Arabian specials like roasted almonds, apricots and dates.