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Dubai, a city of superlatives and human-built wonders. A city that calls every tourist towards itself with its glamour and glitz. Whether you’re a professional traveler or a one-time vacationer, you will always find Dubai fascinating and full of colors. There are no doubts about Dubai being a city of supreme and majesty, with marvels like the world’s tallest buildings “Burj Khalifa”, Dubai City Mall, Dubai Canal, and Safa Park. You definitely won’t mind spending a little extra here too. Sure, it is not the city to tour with a tight budget. But before you make up your mind against it, here are some hacks and facts about the things you can do in Dubai that will make you convert your decision from ‘No’ to a resounding ‘Yes’.

1. Need Something Luxurious?

If you’re an avid traveler and want to experience a luxurious spot on holiday, believe us when we say that Dubai is going to be your dreamland. From world’s famous exquisite Jumeirah beach hotel, where you can enjoy a great dip in the water and later lay down while sipping your drink, to the one and only Burj ul Khalifa. The hotel is an epitome of fancy and luxury, voted to be the best of all choices with perks you could have only imagined in your dreams.

2. Love is in the Air – Best Honeymoon Spot to rejoice the Beauty of your Romance

Your honeymoon is admittedly the most memorable and golden time period of your life. Just you and your new spouse, spending some quality time together before life overtakes you once again. Of course, you would want to have a romantic destination for your trip and Dubai is the best option you have got. You can take a long walk on the sides of the Dubai Canal, or you can book a Dhow cruise Dubai to take you on a magnificent journey of love, lights, and sights.

3. A Thing for Everyone – Ideal Family Holiday

It is a city where from traditional old spices to the modern luxurious rides, everything is possible to find. In other words, Dubai offers different delights to different people. Which is why it is the go-to vacation spot for many families. You can join the fun ride of the hop-on-hop-off bus with your family, to enjoy the beautiful sight view along with the ongoing commentary that they provide in 12 different languages, just for the sake of diversity. And just to make it a little more amusing for children, the commentaries are also done in three different voices of amazing characters like Ali, Alice, and Ghantoot, the Arabian Oryx. There will be other famous tourist attractions that you would want to visit with your children like the wildlife sanctuary, Ras al Khor, a place that houses the world’s prettiest flamingos, small waders, and marsh harriers. The experience will simply be entertaining, educational, and one of a kind for you and your family.

4. Dhow Cruise Dubai – Dubai Canal

No one can ignore the fact that being in Dubai does not count until you haven’t been on a cruise that brings back the wonder in you. The Dubai Canal is a famous waterway built entirely by manpower not too long ago. There you have the option of two routes to take: Dhow Cruise Marina and the Dhow Cruise Creek.
Dhows are big wooden boats built and designed by the early Arabs who were the residents of this region. However, today Dhows are a big source of tourist attraction and allow people to experience something straight out of old culture and tradition. The Creek and the Marina, both are two different routes that offer two entirely different experiences. But all you have to do is to select the one that sounds closest to tour expectations and get yourself ready for a journey that will calm you down with its fresh breeze and fill you with mouthwatering food.

5. Beaches over Everything!

Who is not a fan of amazing waves and the perfect suntan! A holiday is incomplete without a day out at the local beach. Apart from the luxurious options like the Jumeirah, where only hotel guests are allowed to spend time (you’ll be welcome if you’re able to afford the high entry fees though), there are other few options that demand very minimal fees to get in. The perk of such local beaches where you have to pay lesser than the luxurious ones is primarily their family-friendly atmosphere. Some of these beaches are even women-children exclusive. And all of them have the security provided by well-trained and experienced lifeguards.

6. Most Fascinating Skylines in the World

Dubai is home for to one of the world’s most amazing skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world and allows you to experience an open deck view on its 124th floor. Rest assured, the floor is protected by strong fencing, which makes it impossible for any accident to happen. So, you’re safe to roam around and experience the mind-blowing view from the top. There is a restaurant on the 122nd floor that serves a variety of different cuisines and beverages. Burj Khalifa won’t just be a tourist destination – you can fulfill your culinary desires as well!

7. Dubai, Where World Comes to Shop!

The famous and always busy Dubai Mall alone occupies the immense area of a whopping 12 million square feet. This just indicates at the breadth of the range of leisure and shopping facilities that the mall offers. You can shop as much as you want from your favorite international and local brands and then stop by at the famous underwater zoo and Aquarium that resides inside the Dubai Mall. The aquarium is known to be famous for its wonderful collection of marine species. Mercato Mall is another place at Dubai that you will enjoy. It is an Italian architectural mall that can give your cultural instincts a rejuvenating boost. There are also plenty of international retailers like Jack Wills and Laura Ashley to buy from. Just bring in your money and get lost in this epitome of a shopper’s paradise.
These are some of the main reasons why you should plan your next vacation to be at Dubai, the city of heights. For more details and bookings, visit us at www.mala.ae


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