What’s more romantic than having a dinner at a seafront with your favorite music being played? Treating your eyes with the romantic skyline views with your partner is the dream of everyone. Whether you’re on a honeymoon or having a trip to Dubai, these are the best romantic restaurants in Dubai to spend some quality time with your partner:

1. Pierchic:

The Pierchic restaurant in Dubai is dreamland for every lover. The restaurant is located on the stilts out at the sea and has a beautiful wooden path over the water leading to it. It is a sea food restaurant with a historic look and feel.

Pierchic Restaurant in Dubai

2. Thiptara:

Thiptara offers you the opportunity to have a romantic dinner on a terrace above the water. It serves incredible Thai food and provides a splendid dating experience.

Thiptara Restaurant Dubai

3. Bateaux Dubai:

Bateaux Dubai lets you sail through the Dubai Creek, while serving delicious international cuisine to enjoy your romantic date. You’ll get to sit in a Dhow Cruise with a glass ceiling to fully enjoy the sightseeing.

Bateaux Restaurant Dubai

4. Ossiano:

Ossiano is another beautiful restaurant and was voted as the most romantic restaurant in Dubai. It has an underwater section where you’ll get to meet sharks, rays, and other fish through the windows, while you eat with your partner.

Ossiano Restaurant Dubai

5. STAY by Yannick Alleno:

This is fabulous restaurant in Dubai and is owned by the famous Chef Yannick Alleno. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the ambiance is just amazing. You’ll get to eat the savory wagyu beef, delicate seafood raviolis and a variety of eclectic French cuisine.

STAY by Yannick Alleno Restaurant Dubai

6. At.mosphere:

At.mosphere is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa and is the highest restaurant in the world. It serves mostly European cuisine. The view from the restaurant is simply breath-taking.

Atmosphere Restaurant Dubai

7. Hakkasan:

Hakkasan features a beautiful terrace seating that is surrounded by exotic greenery, wooden pavilions, and oak latticing. It’s located in the Emirates Towers Hotel and is also one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai.

Hakkasan Restaurant Dubai

8. Eauzone:

Eauzone is a beautifully decorated restaurant and is perfect for romantic honeymoons and dating. If you decide to go, go before evening so that you can witness a beautiful sunset from there.

Eauzone Restaurant Dubai

9. Palm Avenue:

Palm Avenue offers you a relaxed environment with mostly European cuisine. The restaurant is located by a pool. Its most popular dishes are the lamb cutlets and Australian steak.

Palm Avenue Restaurant Dubai

10. Karma Kafe:

Karma Kafe makes our list of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai because of the glitz and glamor it offers. You’ll get to taste the Pan-Asian delicacies such as the grilled calamari and Sushi, and also see a wonderful scene of the night skyline.

Karma Kafe Restaurant Dubai

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