Dubai is one of the most famous attraction sites for tourists where people come to enjoy and have the time of their lives. It often gets very monotonous and boring to live a life according to daily routines and sometimes, so frustrating that a person becomes stressed. Therefore, it is very important for people to go on a vacation with their families to take their mind off the daily anxieties. There are many things to do for tourists in Dubai, but it is livelier at night. So, what are the best things to do in Dubai at night with your family? Some tourists spend all their vacation in touring Dubai in the day and miss out on the best things to do late at night with their family. If you are reading this, then you are at the right place to know how make Dubai nights fun and memorable.

Best things to do in Dubai at night with family

After the sunset, Dubai glisten with lights and the surreal beauty of the modern architecture dominates the city on its own. The nights in Dubai are full of life and it feels like Dubai never goes to sleep. Are you still confused what you can do at night in Dubai with your family? Well, there is so much for you to choose from. Therefore, it is often advised to tourists that if they are not going with a tourist guide then it is better to do research before on a trip. Prior research about the best places to visit helps you plan better as you know where to go and when is the best time to visit them. So if you are planning to go on a vacation to Dubai, then you must go through this article. There are late night fountain shows, shopping, sight-seeing, concerts and shows and much more you can visit in Dubai at night!

  1. Burj Al Khalifa: Burj Al Khalifa is one of the famous sights for tourists and you often see it in books and magazine. But what you see in pictures is nothing like in watching it in real time. It is a magnificent view in daylight as well as night. At night, it glitters with many lights, giving out ethereal vibes. You can have dinner there or just stroll around with your family without any worries of getting mugged because Dubai nights are full of people and nothing bad happens.
  2. Dubai Creek: What is better than taking a cruise ride with your family at night when there is no sun scorching heat and so you do not have to worry about getting tanned. There is a cold breeze and soft music with beautiful skyscrapers to view. Moreover, there are cultural dance and singing performances which is an entertainment for people on the cruise ride, as they can enjoy everything at once.
  3. The Dubai Fountains:  Have you ever seen fountains putting up a dance show for you? The Dubai Fountains are not those traditional fountains spraying out water with the monotonous frequency and pressure which gets boring to watch for long. They are a different kind of fountain which are equipped with ultra-modern technology which displays the water of art and the incredible light play accompanied with some soothing music. It is one of the cheapest modes of entertainment in Dubai at night for the families. So do not forget to mark The Dubai Fountains in your itinerary.
  4. Watch the Dubai sunset: Most tourists make a mistake by leaving the beach before sunset. They plan to come to the beach in the morning and spent their entire day there, but miss out on the sunset which is perhaps the most beautiful moment of the day in the Dubai. So next time you visit a beach in Dubai, stay there to experience the serenity like never before.
  5. Go camping: Enjoying late at night in Dubai with family does not always require money. Yes, the best places to visit at night for tourist are mostly costly but have you ever thought of camping? If you have the right equipment, then you can have one of the best times in Dubai at night without spending more. All you need is a tent, firewood, and sleeping bag and barbecue setup. You can spend the entire night under the star filled sky with your family doing fun activities like story-telling, board games and what not. So, enjoy the time with some delicious barbecue and fun filled activities all night long. Moreover, you also get to experience the sunrise in the desert, which is truly a phenomenal sight to behold.
  6. The Global Village: You might have heard of the Global Village in Dubai as it is one of the multi-cultural sites. It is a family festival park for cultural destination, shopping and entertainment. It has many stalls and it has its unique beauty. You can have an insight to so many cultures at one place. Be it USA, Italy, France, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, China, the global village has it all! So, do make plans to devote one night to the global experience. Around the globe in one night is made possible in Dubai only so add it to your list.
  7. Lost Chambers: This place is for those who are fascinated by marine life. The lost chambers are an underwater aquarium based on the theme of Atlantis. It gives you an opportunity to come face to face with marine species such as sharks, sting rays, sea horses and much more. You can take pictures with the marine creatures and strike different poses with them. All the aqua life you have been watching on National Geographic channel comes alive right in front of you. Definitely, an experience worth remembering! So do not forget to visit the Lost Chambers and say hi to your favorite sea animal!
  8. Yacht dinner in Dubai Marina: Ever thought of having dinner while cruising on water? The exotic Lotus Mega yacht and Rose Desert has turned this spectacular idea into reality. Now, you can have a 5-star quality dinner with your family on a yacht in Dubai Marina while passing through Dubai’s skyline. It comes with a mouthwatering menu which includes different cuisines such as Arabian, Continental, and Chinese as well as canapes and deserts. A dinner on the yacht while cruising in Dubai Marina is going to be a lifelong memory. However, book your tickets beforehand to not avoid the disappointment of not getting any seats.
  9. Tea and Putt: enough with the spectacular and ethereal attractions of Dubai because Tea and Putt is a place full of adventures and fun. It is an indoor gaming arena with a glow in dark golf course. It is a whole new experience of golfing unlike golfing outdoors under the bright sun and heat. The neon themed mini golf club gives it a funky look which is more fun for kids. So, what are you waiting for?

10. Bounce Trampoline Park: Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and doing things that you normally do not do. Bounce Trampoline is one of the best places to visit at night in Dubai with family. It is not only for kids but all the members of a family because age is just a number and who does not want to get wild and bouncy? So, stop being an uptight, stressed adult and get on the trampoline and bounce off the stress you have been carrying on your shoulders!

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