burj khalifa 3-Course Meal & Level 124

Taste the best food on the world’s tallest building. Feel the adrenaline rush when riding on the fastest elevator. And enjoy a three-course meal at the great Burj Club. All this in Burj Khalifa exclusively for you.

Key features

This five-hour amazing program will leave your mind blown. Once you head towards the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, then go down to 5 and enjoy the tasty delicious food at Burj club with its three-course mouthwatering food.

You will even get a Burj club ticket which will let you enter the great Burj Khalifa, you will get a set meal and fine table. Moreover, you will experience the fastest elevators along with breath taking views, look down from 452 meters and check out Dubai’s great beauty.


  • Free wifi
  • Great three-course meal
  • Admission pass to Burj Khalifa
  • Enjoy the world fastest elevator
  • And breathtaking views