Burj Khalifa and Private City Tour Combo TicketsMarvel the iconic manifesto of engineering and architecture, the great Burj Khalifa in this tour along with the complete Dubai City tour.

Key features

This twin tour is one heck of an adventurous and interesting experience for anyone who is coming to Dubai for the first time.

Admire the construction and interior of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. See the iconic masterpiece in full glory. Explore its insights and all the restaurants inside it. Go to top floor aquarium and have an enthralling experience.

With that explore the Dubai City. Get yourself learn more about how this mega center of modernization works. Discover the old traditional souks and markets, visit the high class buildings and glorious shopping emporiums, museums and everything in this combo tour.


  • Burj Khalifa tour
  • Get to know more about the construction of this marvelous building
  • Experience the taste of true luxury
  • Discover Dubai City in a private tour
  • Wander around the streets of city and absorb the charisma of this modern magical place.