Cocktails in Burj al Arab

Experience ultimate comfort and luxury in one of the best hotels of the world by signing up for this exciting offer.


  • Choose from a drinks menu of classic drinks
  • Experience the world of luxury in the world’s only 7 star hotel
  • Stress free entrance by skipping queues thanks to the VIP treatment

Full description:

We all have seen Burj al Arab’s picture at least once in our lives be it any magazine, on the internet or any other miscellaneous source. This is because it is known for being the ultimate epitome of luxury for many years now. Well, we all are fascinated by its stunning architecture and a lot of us have also seen it from outside in real life.

Sign up for this exciting offer to experience the beautiful Burj al Arab not only from the outside but from its inside as well. This tour is the best offer for you to avail if you want to visit the most expensive hotel in the world in an affordable way.

You will be given a VIP treatment immediately after your arrival at the hotel. Then you can either opt for one of the golden elevators up to the 27th floor or the external elevator that takes you directly to the bar.

From there, a waiter will guide you to your table from where you will be able to experience gorgeous views of Persian Gulf and enjoy fine wines, fruity cocktails, and chilled beers.

Services Included:

  • 2 complimentary drinks
  • Priority entrance to Burj al Arab
  • Up to EUR 90 worth of drinks