MalaTour- Diner at Bedouin Camp

Enjoy an exclusive dinner at the traditional bedouin camp near Dubai city. Enjoy the cultural food and tranquility of night as you experience the hospitality of Arab bedouins



  • Get a chance to see thousands of stars as you relax under a clear sky
  • Enjoy traditional Bedouin BBQ at the camp
  • Take in the refreshing night breeze during your stay
  • Avail an optional stay at the camp to elevate your


Summary of the Tour:

Bedouin people are amazing hosts and brilliant chefs. You will be moved by their hospitality and choice of spices and herbs in the food.

The hospitality starts with serving of tea made from tea leaf, sugar and multiple herbs that add to the classical aroma of traditional Bedouin tea.

What follows next is serving of delicious food which includes cooked bread, rice and a main course which could be meat, fish or a vegetable dish.

Your tour will consist of both drive in a car and a camel ride in the desert. This tour will surely be the most memorable one you ever had.


Services Included:

  • Experienced guide
  • Transportation by jeeps and camels
  • Bedouin tea and soft drinks
  • Food

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