We know how you wish to say bye to stress, body ache and other tensions. Mala brings one-hour facial and massage treatment exclusively for you. Where? At the amazing Burj Club Spa in Burj Khalifa. This helps to remove excessive toxins. How? The thermal showers, sauna and steam room make it happen. The heat releases all the toxins via sweat. This also leads to smoother skin.

Key features:

We make sure you get relaxed and tension free hence separate sessions of massages are also given by professionals. These professionals know pressure points, all the tactics which is why this aromatherapy massage is ideal. The therapists use essential oils straight from the nature, these natural oils are herbal and very beneficial to the body since they are chemical free. This and the ambiance with soft music really helps you to relax. The soothing and calm scents of oils also make the massage more amazing.


Massage alone is not enough. To make sure your face looks healthy and stress free a facial is must. The facial improves blood circulation and helps skin shine. It also helps reducing acne that is caused due to tension. Experience the freshness via this facial which further makes it worth it with the help acids like alpha hydroxyl. It gives moisture to the skin and makes your skins naturally glow.


One-hour treatment