Dubai 2-hour tour of the desert with camel rideEscape the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s lifestyle and visit the desert for some. Experience the authentic Arabic traditions by participating in traditional activities and enjoy live entertainment.


  • Experience a piece of Arab tradition on the farm belonging to Bedouins
  • enjoy arabic hospitality with coffee and tea
  • experience the secure feeling on the handcrafted saddles
  • Get to know the peaceful animals
  • Discover the desert landscape of Dubai and enjoy a 1-hour camel ride over the sand dunes

Full description:

Sign up for this exciting tour of the desert in Dubai and explore the beautiful desert while taking in the gorgeous landscapes on the back of a camel. Arrive at the camel farm where you will be welcomed warmly with traditional Arabic coffee (kahwa) or a cup of tea.

Learn about many things like camel breeding and much more in a peaceful environment. This is one of the must things to do in Dubai.

Upon arrival at the camel farm, you will be welcomed with traditional Arabic coffee (kahwa) or a cup of tea and have the opportunity to learn more about camel breeding in the relaxed atmosphere. Afterwards, you can experience the breathtaking desert up close.

Experience the special feeling of freedom that the desert puts across with its vast expanse.

Services Included:

  • Private return transfer to the hotel
  • 1-hour camel ride including Arabic coffee and tea