30-Minute X-Jet Pack Experience

Gear up for an amazing ride. A ride exclusively on the beach. Feel amazing by hitting Dubai’s well-known Jumeriah beach and enjoy thirty minutes with a X-jet pack. An experience that will leave you shook. This x-jet is one of the top most wanted water sport, we are sure you don’t want to miss it.

Key features

Do love water sports? If yes then make sure dream come true by hitting the 30-minute ride on a X-jet Pack session by the coast of Jumeriah Beach.

Feel the adrenalin taking over every inch on your body, a feeling you will always cherish. On the Jumeriah Beach you will get your necessities like life jacket and a swim suit. Go up to 10 meters high and enjoy the sate of being in air and above water. If you are good enough the professional guide will make you learn different fun tactics such as back flips and more.



  • Enjoy the Jumeriah Beach, by flying above it
  • Explore the air and water for straight 30 minutes.
  • Professional instructor
  • Learn new tricks like backflips.
  • Life jackets and other important equipment