Dubai Atlantis Ultimate Snorkel ExperienceSign up for a unique experience in Dubai Atlantis and experience snorkeling amidst many animals underwater.


Atlantis Dubai snorkel experience is surely one not to miss. This experience will allow you to experience the beauty of underwater life. It requires you to swim with a mask, snorkel and flotation vest among sharks, rays and colorful fish in the Ambassador Lagoon.

After arriving, you will be guided by a diver to enter the shallow area and explore rest of lagoon while breathing on the surface. The experience would last approximately 20 min.

Shorty wetsuit will be provided and required. No free diving is allowed. Swimming skills are not required as well; you will be provided with a floatation jacket to be able to float on the surface. You will have the opportunity to see animals like grey reef sharks, Bowmouth Guitar Shark, Giant Guitar Shark, Cownose rays, Porcupine rays & Cowtail rays Parrotfish, Seabream, Black spotted snapper plus more.


  • Ultimate Snorkel experience at the Lost Chambers Aquarium at Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm
  • Receive an introductory briefing and use a supplied snorkel, mask and flotation vest
  • Snorkel in the spectacular Ambassadors Lagoon, alongside 65,000 marine creatures
  • Spot reef sharks, rays and exotic fish such as parrotfish, black spotted snappers and more
  • No swimming or snorkeling skills required Ideal experience for families, including children aged six and over
  • Admission ticket
  • Shorty wetsuit
  • Flotation jacket
  • Briefing on equipment