dubai chilling out 1-Hour Experience

Enjoy the super cool ice lounge in Dubai. Check out the great sculptures its great interior. You will have to dress up warm so that you could make out the most of this chilly place.


Key features

The Chillout Lounge is the Middle East’s first ice lounge and is a unique venue complete with ice sculptures and ice seating and sub-zero temperatures!
The Chillout lounge in Dubai is one of the best places you need to visit if you ever go to Dubai. The temperature is zero and is a must-see place. You will get woolen gloves, socks, shoes and hooded parka to keep up with the cold weather. You will also experience the unique lighting, structure and this cool refrigeration.
This would be one-hour trip and the lounge is smooth made out of perfect glass, steel and ice.

The lounge serves the best warm food like soups, coffee, tea and much more. Enjoy the variety of deserts and what not.



  • Enjoy the great cool lounge
  • Wander through the interior
  • Get a free welcome drink
  • Wear the warm clothing and more