MalaTour- dubai entertainment places

Dubai City is a home to many marvels and iconic landmarks around the world all of them so visually and aesthetically pleasing you would want to stare at them for hours.

This city gives you the time of your lives and probably the wildest vacation you would ever have! However, its versatility allows you to experience all kinds of adventure be it in the gorgeous Desert Safari, Burj al Khalifa or any other marvels. Here we have compiled for you some of our favorite fun places in Dubai that we think you should definitely check out at least once for an ultimate fun experience on your visit to Dubai.

Firstly we have the great Wild Wadi where you can have a day full of thrill and adventure on the aquatic roller coasters, surfing wave machine and much more! Then we have the beautiful Dancing Fountain in the heart of the grand Dubai Mall which is surely something you don’t want to miss. We also have the gorgeous landmarks of Dubai like Burj al Arab and Burj Khalifa. Their beauty will have you stunned for a good amount of time.