Dubai Luxury Helicopter FlightHaven’t enjoyed to the fullest in Dubai? Here is your chance to experience the thrills of speed. Get tickets to the grand Ferrari World and have the time of your life on the fastest and coolest roller coaster rides.

Key features:

One of the best places to go in Dubai is Ferrari World, so make your tour fun and crazy by going on a ride with crazy highs and lows. Wander in the largest theme park and feel the adrenaline rush in every ride you see. It has total 20 rides and more attractions. So, enjoy the stunning views and fun rides.

Hit the rides like the G-Force and more, feel the adventures and try more rides like Speed of Magic, 4D driving simulator and more.


  • Entrance pass to the Ferrari World
  • Ticket delivery services to hotel only in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai
  • 24/7 services (hotline) in German and English language.