dubai sightseeing list

Dubai has so many amazing views and sights that you can benefit for. The breathtaking views and landscapes in different parts of Dubai makes it incredibly aesthetic and artsy. With so many things to see, here we have narrowed down a list of few places that are so visually pleasing you would want to stare at them forever.

Maybe we exaggerated a bit with the ‘forever’ word, but for real, these places are beautiful.

1. Burj Khalifa:

You saw it coming,didn’t you? Well that’s because it is incredibly amazing to look at. Every inch of Burj Khalifa building has been made to perfection.

2. Burj al Arab:

This building is an epitome of luxury. It has been an iconic landmark of Dubai for a very long time now due to its unique architecture style.

3. Dancing Fountain:

This beautiful fountain show happens every once in while per day. It is situated outside dubai mall right in the heart of Burj Khalifa. The melody and the beautiful fountains dancing to it is surely something pretty you don’t want to miss.

So here were some of the beautiful sights in Dubai. Want to read more about amazing places in Dubai? Read more at Dubai Entertainment Places.