Dubai Top Attractions

Here is the perfect guide to Dubai, a list of places you should definitely explore.


If you are a tourist, no matter how expensive the dirhams are one should definitely check out the grand Dubai mall. The mall has everything you ever dreamt of. You will drool over every outlets window but that is completely normal. This is what makes Dubai, Dubai!


The fountain is not just regular fountain you see, strolling over the park. Dubai’s dancing fountain are extraordinary and unique in every way. Every drop of water has its beauty and this is what makes it much beautiful than the rest. So do check out the electrifying dancing fountain 150 meters up in the air whenever you get a chance.

The Walk and Beach at JBR

One of the top attraction involves Dubai’s urban beach district, exactly what people who like to watch movies, dine and shop. Get with the Dj’s beats and enjoy every rhythm in Dubai.

So eat, sleep, chill, watch movies and dance until the day ends!

These were a bunch of fine tourist places list in Dubai! Make sure you check these out!