Dubai Ultimate Afternoon Tea at Sahn Eddar Burj Al Arab


Get a chance to go at Dubai’s most amazing hotel, enjoy at the great Sahn Eddar restaurant in Burj Al Arab. Get lost in the beauty of the world’s tallest building and capture some great moments along the way.


Key features

Take a day off and relax with sips of great tea. Enjoy the great views, and get lost in the stunning views. Later then feast from great Arabian snacks. Enjoy the sweet delights and much more. Taste the fresh crispy finger sandwiches, pastries and more.

You can even capture those moments, seize them with your shots and cherish the great views forever. Bring your loved ones along and chill.

Go high with the Burj Al Arab, and admire its beauty. Enjoy the Sahn Eddar restaurant and enjoy its fine dine and architecture and more.

Add this in your list, if you are on a Dubai city tour.



  • Pass to Burj Al Arab
  • Cuisine at Shahn Eddar restaurant
  • Enjoy the great tea
  • Wander in the building
  • Get some great background for pictures