Dubai welcome tourThere’s so much to be discovered in the city of Dubai but if you go to explore the city on your own without any guidance then chances are that you might end up missing out a lot of amazing spots in the city. Through this welcome you’ll get to tour around the city with a local who’ll know the tourist attractions and tourist activities in Dubai. You’ll simply end up getting to spend the time of your life.


  • You’ll get the friendly company of a local of the city
  • You’ll explore and tour around the major tourist attractions
  • You’ll even experience some of the exciting tourist activities of the city
  • Get to hear fun and interesting facts about the city’s famous places

Transfer offers are convenient but a tour of the city with a local is even more convenient. The local will take you to places like bars, malls and tell you about interesting facts and amazing deals in the city. The local will even know all the best places with the most delicious food.


  • A private guide