MalaTour- fun places in dubai

Dubai has so many amazing things to see that the thought of which one to see first boggles our minds sometimes. With so many incredible things to experience, it can be hard to fit all of them into our schedule sometimes.

Dubai entertainment places have grown a lot in number over the years. The rapid development has allowed Dubai’s tourism industry to flourish a lot in the recent times. Here we have some of our favorites spots compiled for you to assist you in deciding on which one to visit first.

The #1 spot people love to hang out at is the incredible Desert Safari. Here multiple adventures and unlimited entertainment awaits you. From Dune Bashing and camels rides to the amazing BBQ feasts and Traditional dancing and shisha pipes, Desert Safari has it all!

Another great place to be to satisfy your shopping needs is The Dubai Mall. This grand shopping mall features everything you would want to be in an entertainment place. Not only does it feature all the brands you could think of but also the entertainment you could think of.