Ice Lounge Dubai: 

MalaTour-Ice Lounge

Enjoy your time at the only ice lounge Middle East has got. Have fun seeing ice sculptures and ice seating. Make sure you are dressed accordingly because the temperatures are going to be no higher than zero. Everyone goes for desert safari dubai and helicopter tour dubai but only legends make a trip to ice lounge.



      • Spend 1 hour at the sole ice lounge in Middle East
      • Feed your taste buds with with a variety of snacks and hot beverages
      • Enjoy yourself at the place having unique interior design


Summary of the Tour:

Brace yourself for the first ever Middle Eastern ice lounge which is also one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. Having variety of ice sculptures, ice seatings and an illuminated interior, this place will surely satisfy all your fun entertainment urges.

Before formally starting the inside tour, you will be provided with warm clothes to ensure the sub-zero temperatures do not harm you. A buffer zone area is set up to help you adjust your body temperature before making an entrance into chilly zone.

Witness a beautiful amalgamation of technological innovation integrated with freezing environment, illumination and mastery architecture.

The lounge serves a wide range of hot beverages and snacks such as coffee, mocktails, juices and sandwiches.

Different shades of light come via diffusion and give unique effects after being reflected from various angles and thus generate a blissful view you cannot miss.

Services Included:

      • Welcome drink
      • Thermal clothing


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