MalaTour- Illusion, Dolphin and Seal Shows

Marvel at the spectacular bottle nose dolphins and playful seals as they perform at action-packed shows at the Dubai Dolphin aquarium.


  • Watch playful seals at the action-packed shows
  • Get up close and personal with bottle nose dolphins
  • Enjoy dolphins and seals while they perform incredible acrobatics

Full description:

Watch as the master illusionist Max dazzles and dumbfounds audiences of all ages with a display of the most astonishing illusions ever to be seen on stage.

The duration of this entertaining show is about 45 minutes. The mesmerizing illusion show will last for about 20 minute. It is packed with thrilling escape feats, lasers and much more.

Benefit from different show timings according to your convenience. The different timings are 11:00, 15:00 or 18:00. You can upgrade the tickets to VIP status by buying a VIP add-on for each adult and child ticket, for better seating near the stage.

Services included:

  • Ticket for Dolphin and Seal Show at 11:00; or ticket for Illusion, Dolphin and Seal Show 15:00 or 18:00