Jaguar F - Type Driving Experience


Have a fun driving experience in Dubai city in an authentic Jaguar car is something that you don’t get to experience very often so grab this opportunity now!


Key features:

The Jaguar F-TYPE S is a potent mix of power, performance and handling. The Jaguar F-TYPE S dials up the excitement with sport suspension, adaptive dynamics and a limited slip differential. .  At the beating heart of every Jaguar F-TYPE S is a supercharged engine, which provides even greater power and a 3.0 liter v6 supercharged 380ps engine with a soundtrack to match.

In the Jaguar F-TYPE S you and the car become one. Every aspect of its 1+1 configuration is designed to create a bond. Let true sporting exhilaration awaken your senses



  • Feel the excitement excitement with it’s sport suspension, adaptive dynamics and a limited slip differential
  • Get a grasp of the inner workings of this super car
  • Drive in one of the world’s most advanced Formula 1® circuit
  • Helmet safety briefing and instruction