MalaTour- LostChamberAquariumDiscover these unusual things about lost chamber aquarium

It’s always a dream to be a part of underwater sea, if you can’t get enough of Dubai action-packed guided trips, don’t miss to visit aquarium there. The Lost Chamber Aquarium gives you chance to see Atlantian adventure, It brings life to mythical sunken city of Atlantis, exploring historical culture of thousand years back. Its only aquarium in the world with historical values detailed theming and tribe story telling. Aquarium also has 20 marine life exhibits, and there’s this touch tank where you can pick up a starfish or caress a sea cucumber.

It was designed on idea of lost city of Atlantis. There are many travel agencies in Dubai who can simplify your travel plans and popular about storytelling of this unique historical place with ship wrecks and ruins, animal expert there will tell you deep marine secrets.

Lost Chamber Aquarium Offers scuba diving experiences. What’s more exotic than feeling like home with 65000 marine creatures, differentiating fish, reefs, rays and sharks.

Lost Chamber Aquarium also offer snorkeling, get on with provided swim fins and snorkel to spend thrilling, fun and excitement day underwater. Also receive an introductory briefing about snorkeling, you don’t need to have swimming or snorkeling skills before.