Padi basic scuba diving courseYou’ll be receiving an international diving certificate which will let you even get to dive up to 12 meters into the water anywhere around the world, all of this just within 2 days. This will be taking place at the Jumeriah beach after which you’ll get the certificate of the basic driving course. This sure is one of the exceptional things to do in Dubai.


  • Receive your PADI license and certificate in 2 days
  • Dive and explore the beautiful underwater world
  • You’ll get Practical course with all the equipment included

With this PADI course, you can surely increase and enhance your little knowledge about scuba diving and let you go closer to reach an authentic qualification. You’ll be taking this course on the Jumeriah beach, this basic course of scuba diving will be lasting in two days. In the end you’ll be receiving a genuine license in order to dive up to 12 meters around any corner of the world.

You’ll be provided with proper equipment and manuals and other helpful stuff.

The youngest eligible age of the course-taker should be 10-years. Your healthy should already be good with some basic swimming skills excluding any sort of scuba diving experience.


  • You’ll get 3 practical classes
  • Proper Diving equipment
  • License fee included