MalaTour- Paraalysing Jumeria BeachExperience the thrills and adventures this city has to offer by parasailing and rising above the Arabian Gulf to marvel at the gorgeousness of Dubai from the skies. This is some of the best dhow cruise deals in marina due to the thrills and adventures it offers.


  • Rise up at about 500 feet above the Arabian Gulf
  • Fly in the air with up to 3 of your friends
  • Parasail over the luxury buildings of Jumeirah Beach Residence

Full description:

Sign up for this thrilling experience into the skies of Dubai where you’ll rise above the Arabian Gulf at the altitude of about 500 feet for a mesmerizing view of the Dubai City.

You will be able to benefit from all the essential equipment and safety gear. This is when you will be pulled by a brand new boat with an amazing music system to set your mood for the adventure ahead.

The parasail is attached by a harness to a luxury cruise from dubai powerful enough to let 2 or 3 people parasail at the same time. Rise above the air and marvel at the beautiful views of Dubai’s landscapes like Dubai Marina , the luxury buildings of Jumeirah Beach Residence and even catch the view of the iconic Burj Al Arab.

Services included:

  • All necessary safety and sports equipment for your parasailing activity