Experience the sands of Arabian Desert on a camel trek which is surely set to take you back in the traditional era of ancient Arabia. You get to perform traditional activities like smoking a sheesha pipe and henna hand painting.



  • Ride a camel at the sunset
  • Try a shisha pipe
  • Get a henna tattoo
  • Get amazing views of the High Atlas Mountains on a scenic drive

Full Description:

Start your journey into the Ancient Arabic era by taking the highway to the High Atlas Mountains and getting an amazing landscape view along your ride via desert safari. Then, go to the Bedouin style camp for some kahwa (traditional Arabic coffee) or tea when you arrive. Rich dates and other dry fruits are readily available for you to snack on which is a part of the desert lifestyle.

Taking part in the traditional activities is definitely the most recommended part of the entire journey as these activities are the main element of ultimate fun. These activities include smoking a sheesha pipe and getting a henna tattoo on your hand. Dress in typical Arabic attire and pose for a photo with a falcon resting on your hand or shoulder.

Delicious BBQ buffet dinner in Dubai is available for you to satisfy your hunger as you watch authentic belly dance folky performances. Please note that a confirmation voucher can be supplied at time of booking and payment, if required.


Services Included:

  • Camel Trek
  • Sheesha
  • Henna Tattoos
  • BBQ dinner facility
  • Belly dance shows
  • Snacks

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