the hard rock cafe

Well! The name says it all isn’t it! It’s an American themed café, with happy go lucky staff all around. There walls are reflecting true American culture and there shelf’s are filled with souvenirs of popular American music stars. This place of art and music will never be disappointing.

Hard rock café is an American restaurant who has chains all over the world. Offering American music, amazing dines in varieties and live entertainment all the time. Opens at 8:30, located just off the business bay.

That logo of café circling the three word “hard rock café” is an idolizing symbol of restaurant, very unique yet very simple. It was opened in 2011 and became very popular since day one. It has a “Rock Shop” filled with souvenirs, signatures, garments and labels. Dubai tour packages must essentially include this charismatic place to be visited once.

The café can accommodate 200 guests and also has a private VIP lounge, stage for live performances, separate lounge, amazing fuse ball table and bar filled.

That amazing food at rock hard reflects every touch of American style from yummy salads, cheesy steaks, grilled fish or maybe fish and chips, with variety of burgers to never disappointing American vegetable varieties mashed potatoes, seasonal veggies and over roasted mushrooms.

It’s a great place to spend your evenings and making days on a trip memorable. Yours Dubai guided trip list is incompletely wasted without it.