Lotus yacht

Besides from the amazing other yachts available on Mala Tours , The Lotus Yachts have got to be their best offer amongst all. Just like the flower Lotus, the yachts are definitely one of a kind.


Just like the name indicates, the yacht will organize the mightiest of an event for you and your guest. It can handle up to 500 guest at a time. You can glorify your events like weddings, business corporates or any big scale setting; the Lotus Yachts would definitely mark their words in taking the event to a whole new level. Having to rent yacht in Dubai is quite easy but getting a hold of such incredible masterpieces depends on your luck.

These yachts are incredibly spacious that you could fill them up with thousands of your guests and it will still have enough space left. You’ll get to have large swimming pools, wide and large decks, capacious cabins, extremely comfortable and luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, dance floors, cinemas, beautiful balconies and what not? The luxury yacht charter Dubai has could get dominated by these incredible services.


Basically the only thing you’ll not be satisfied with would be that you can’t live your entire life on the highly amazing yacht with exceptional services.

Not every experience is as praiseworthy as the one promised on Lotus Yachts.