MalaTour- things to do in dubai on weekend

There are so many things you could be doing on a weekend in Dubai if you live here or are visiting this place for some time. Dubai is versatile city of entertainment where you can find any type of entertainment you want, be it family friendly, clubbing, for kids and much more!

If you are looking for family friendly places that both adults and kids can enjoy, opt for Ski Dubai situated in the heart of the Mall of Emirates. This spot is great for a thrilling experience that is full of adventure and fun. You can enjoy a day in real snow full with snow related activities like snowboarding, building a snowman, and much more!

If you are looking for some amazing night with friends, you can experience the wildness of Dubai’s nightlife at many great clubbing spots like Zero Gravity, Skyview bar, Vault bar and much more!

These are just few of many forms of entertainment you can experience while at Dubai. For further lists of the fun places in Dubai, check out our top ten things to do in dubai.

There’s a lot to celebrate in Dubai on weekends. Every months there are alot new activities & events in Dubai, With the change of weather Dubai Offers new Shows & shoping festivals , some of our favourite spots in the city are re-opening for the new season… there’s a lot to get through, and not a moment to waste. Mala Tours bring you specialised Things to do activities of Dubai.


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