What To Do At Abu Dhabi At Night

Every country has its own late night culture.It is always a huge discussion and lot of thinking about where to go at night and explore what. This blog will highlight Arabian hospitality and about Abu Dhabi captivating places at night. Make sure you have a Buffet dinner and BBQ at desert safari dinner, because you have alot to catch.

1. Caviar Bar:

After browsing the internet far and wide carefully weighing our decisions, market researcher’s end up suggesting the very best super blend aromatic coffee served at caviar bar. It served alongside the best sweets as macaroons, date and local style baklava.

2. Lobby Lounge:

Lobby Lounge is in Jumeirah at Etihad. Let’s sit peacefully and enjoy perfect view with refreshments and drinks. Breathtaking décor, high ceilings, sparkling chandeliers and amazing sculptures is all part of luxurious Lounge.

3. Scotts Restaurant:

It is also situated at Jumeirah at Etihad Tower. Those dramatic waves at night are eye-catching beauty, with many drooling sea food restaurants by side. The finest food ranges from oysters, fish and crustacean also including meat and vegetables dishes.

4. Pool Deck:

What’s more peaceful than relaxing by pool at night? The pool Deck located in Eastern Mangroves Hotel is the perfect spot to enjoy refreshing cocktails. It also served Mediterranean inspired dishes served on unique Anantara salt brick.

There are many fun places in Dubai at night but Abu Dhabi night culture wins them all. Do visit all above stated places to accommodate iconic experiences inside, with many are one-of-a-kind in world.