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Rent Infiniti QX80 Dubai

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and sophistication with the Infiniti QX80, available for rent at Mala Rent a Car. Unveil a world of opulence as you navigate the streets of Dubai in this premium SUV. Priced at just 1700 AED per day or 49999 AED per month, experience the sheer elegance and commanding presence of the Infiniti QX80 as you embark on your journeys. Revel in the comfort of the spacious interior, cutting-edge technology, and powerful performance that define this premium vehicle. Elevate your travel experience with Mala Rent a Car’s Infiniti QX80.

Frequently Asked Questions

The daily rental rate for the Infiniti QX80 is 1700 AED, while the monthly rate is 49999 AED.

Yes, Mala Rent a Car offers the option to choose from different colors of the Infiniti QX80 to match your preferences.

Yes, there is a limited mileage for daily rentals, ensuring fair usage. However, monthly rentals come with unlimited mileage for added convenience.

Yes, Mala Rent a Car offers the flexibility of either self-driving or hiring a chauffeur service, providing a tailored experience for every customer.

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