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  • Free admission for children 0-3 years

Aya Universe Tickets

Aya Universe Dubai is a unique place at Wafi Mall Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for entertainment and lifestyle. The complex has a theme park, a shopping mall, a hotel, and residential units, among other things. It is 40,000 square feet big. Aya Dubai has twelve different zones. Each one has a different theme and offers dynamic experiences that take you to different universes. It includes Aurora, The Source, Drift, Outland, the Pool, the River, the Falls, Celestia, Flora, Tides, Luna, and Harmonia.

Enjoy the immersive experience of Aya Universe at Wafi Mall Dubai.

  •         Engage with interactive artwork in Aurora
  •         Witness the mesmerizing show of colored LED pools in The Source.
  •         Explore virtual landscapes in Drift and The Pool, and encounter new characters in Outland.
  •         Experience the beauty of glowing gardens in Flora and gaze at stars in The Falls & The Celestia.
  •         Witness stunning light shows in Tides, Luna, and Harmonia.
  • The ticket allows visitors to enter the park at the selected time slots within working hours and can access all 12 immersive zones.
  • Free admission for children 0-3 years.
  • Free admission for people of determination.
  • Anything that isn’t mentioned above
  • This ticket is non-refundable, non-transferable, and void if altered.
  • In case of a no-show, bookings will not be rescheduled or refunded.
  • This ticket grants one person full access to AYA for one full pre-determined day mentioned in this ticket under “visit date”.
  • Food & beverages are not permitted in AYA, except for bottled water.
  • Last entry 1 hour before the closing of the venue.
  • Lost, damaged, or stolen Tickets cannot be replaced, refunded, or exchanged in any manner.


Aya Universe Dubai is an entertainment and lifestyle complex located in Dubai, UAE. It features a theme park, shopping mall, hotel, and residential units.

The Aya Theme Park, Aya Mall, Aya Hotel, and Aya Residences are the main attractions in Aya Universe.

The Aya Theme Park is a popular attraction within the Aya Universe complex. It features a variety of rides and attractions based on popular entertainment franchises such as Marvel, DC Comics, and Cartoon Network.

The Aya Wafi Mall is a massive shopping destination within the Aya Universe complex. It features over 600 retail outlets, including luxury brands, designer boutiques, and popular chains. The mall also offers entertainment options such as a cinema, arcade, and bowling alley.

The Aya Hotel is a luxurious accommodation option within the Aya Universe complex. It features 600 rooms and suites, each designed with a contemporary and elegant style. The hotel also offers a range of facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and a spa.

The Aya Residences are residential units within the Aya Universe complex. They offer a range of apartment sizes and layouts, from cozy studios to spacious four-bedroom units. The residences also offer access to the Aya Theme Park, Aya Mall, and hotel facilities.


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