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  • Leather Interior

  • Surround Sound Stereo System with CD

  • Dual Privacy Partitions

  • Enhanced Air Conditioning And Heating

Barbie Limousine

Step into a world where luxury meets playfulness, as we introduce you to a ride that is not just transportation, but a celebration of style and sophistication. The Barbie Limo in Dubai is not your average ride; it’s a mobile fantasy, and a vibrant fusion.

Mala Dubai allow you enjoy the enchanting world of the Barbie Limo, where every ride is a celebration of glamour and fun. Limo rental Dubai is an experience. Ideal for a girls’ day out, city tours, or any occasion that calls for a touch of extravagance in Dubai.

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Arriving in style takes on a new meaning as we redefine the standards of lavish transportation. Our barbie limousine service promises an unmatched experience at a competitive rate. Contact us to book your extraordinary journey today.

  • 22 Passenger Capacity
  • Luxurious Leather Interior for a Plush Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Surround Sound Stereo System with CD Player
  • Enhanced Air Conditioning and Heating for Comfort in Every Season
  • Dual Privacy Partitions for an Intimate and Exclusive Atmosphere
  • Tinted Windows for Privacy and a Touch of Elegance
  • Two-Way Intercom for Seamless Communication
  • Refreshment Bar
  • Ice pockets
  • DVD Player
  • The cell phone
  • A 42-inch LCD color TV


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