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  • Overview
  • Useful facts of Dubai
  • Man-made wonders of Dubai
  • Interesting facts of Dubai
  • Strange facts of Dubai
  • Facts about working in Dubai

There’s something unique and attractive about every place. Some places are famous for the best mountain ranges, some includes beautiful lakes, and some are famous for boasting majestic oceans. When it comes to Dubai, the city includes everything to wonder about. The city of gold, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, is known for one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Starting out as a small fishing village, now the city has witnessed a tremendous growth.

The city has a significant focus on tourism and hospitality. Moreover, with one after another architectural marvel, the had a whole assortment of man-made wonders. Whether you’re looking for the best romantic places or attractive things to do with family, Dubai has something for everyone to offer.

Useful Facts About Dubai

  • The total population of Dubai is 3.4 million.
  • Arabic is the official language.
  • The currency is UAE dirham (AED).
  • The country code / prefix is +971.
  • The time zone is UTC+4 (GST).
  • Islam is the official religion.
  • Non-Muslims are just allowed to consume alcohol/ pork.
  • Kissing or holding hands in public is illegal.
  • It hardly ever rains in Dubai.

So, if you really want to know some of the best man-made wonders of Dubai, the blog is for you. Here we’re going to explain the reasons why Dubai is the home of world records and what are the reasons behind the popularity. So, continue reading.

Man-Made Wonders of Dubai

  • Home to world’s tallest building

One of the most fascinating things about Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa needs no introduction. An icon in the Dubai skyline, the design of the building is based on a local desert flower, Hymenocallis. It’s also known as the spider lily. Moreover, three feet or lobes form the architectural base of the building, which echo the shape of this flower.

This man-made structure is as tall as three Eiffel Towers perched on each other, making it the highest skyscraper. People all around the globe, visit Dubai to witness this grandeur of the specimen of fine architecture. Before its inauguration in 2010, the Burj Khalifa was known as Burj Dubai, the tallest building on the Earth with a height of 828 meters. This iconic building has a total of 163 floors. Daily, it takes 36 workers 3 to 4 months in order to clean the entire exterior. Without any doubt, Burj Khalifa is one of the significant reasons in the popularity of Dubai. We can also say that this iconic building is a must visit on your Dubai tours.

  • Witness the world’s biggest picture frame

Nothing can beat the beauty and magnificence of Dubai frame. An interesting and fun fact about Dubai Frame is, this architectural marvel is holding the world record of being the biggest picture frame. Dubai Frame is 150-metres-tall and 93-metre-wide, located in Zabeel Park. No matter whether you are with your friends or family, this place makes for a perfect tourist destination. An interesting fact about this building is, it allows you witness both old and modern side of the city with Insta-worthy backdrops. One side of the frame is all about the creek and historical side of the Dubai. However, the other side represents modern and ultra- luxury lifestyle at its peak.

  • Dubai owns the largest man-made islands

One fun fact about Dubai is, the city is home to the largest artificial island in the world. Palm Jumeirah, constructed in 2007, was a joint project by Van Oord and Boskalis. This Island, Palm Jumeirah is an archipelago of artificial islands including Palm Deira and Palm Jebel. Both of the islands are stretching Dubai’s shoreline by 320 meters. If you’re thinking that makes it a popular destination, the answer is right here. Palm Jumeirah is no more than haven for tourists. The place offers hundreds of luxury hotels to residential apartments, and amusement parks for the families.

  • Largest airport terminal in the world

When you think the city cannot be anymore grander, the Dubai will surprise you. Another surprising fact about Dubai, it includes the biggest airport terminal in the world. Now, you may be thinking how big it can be? So, the terminal is boasting a 5-star hotel, a jacuzzi, a gym, a swimming pool, two gardens, and much more. Waiting at the airport is another leisure activity.

  • It has the largest suspended aquarium

An interesting fact about Dubai is, it will always be ahead of the game. The Dubai Aquarium Tank is the largest aquarium in the world. Located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, the aquarium holds 10 million liters of waters. It’s fascinating to know that there’s an extensive collection of over 33,000 aquatic animals from 200 species. You can witness over 300 sharks and rays. There are also the largest collections of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo is another fun place for tourists for all ages.

  • Shop till drop at the largest mall in the world

Dubai has a habit of being the first one to do everything. Dubai Mall is a fine example of it.  With over 1200 stores, 120 cafes and restaurants, as well as 26 cinema screens, the Mall is one of the largest malls on the planet. Dubai mall caters to the interests of travels. There’re hundreds of other things to do in the mall other than shopping. For the kids, there is a dino park, trampoline park, as well as an ice-skating rink. A VR park is also in Dubai mall, making it one of the must interesting places to visit in Dubai.

  • The Largest Flower Garden in the World

If you like flowers, there’s no better place than visiting the Miracle Garden. Dubai Miracle Garden is massive man-made flower garden covering an area of 72,000 square meters. It features more than 50 million flowers as well as 250 million plants. Nature lover love this place. Dubai miracle garden is best for a romantic gateway in Dubai. Many famous landmarks of Dubai are structured here with fresh flowers. Keep in consideration, the garden is closed during summers, you have to plan your trip in winters.

  • It’s a birder’s paradise

Bird-watchers will be excited to know that, more than 320 bird species migrate between Asia, Europe, and Africa via Dubai. During the spring and fall, birds like spotted eagles, greater herons and broad-billed sandpipers pass through the city. You can easily witness them on a tour to Falcon safari and Ras al Khor wildlife Sanctuary. Bird lover must visit these places. Moreover, you can also experience the traditional sport of falconry first-hand along with a greater spotted eagle.

  • Dubai has the title of the crane capital

This is a slightly bizarre as well as one of the unknown facts about Dubai city. Dubai city has the title of the crane capital. The city includes about 25% of the world’s cranes, working from the real-estate boom. The cranes were the significant part of the construction all across the city. This fact explains an outstanding architecture throughout Dubai.  moreover, it also testifies to Dubai’s history of rapid development.

  • The first seven-star hotel is in Dubai

Dubai is famous for some of the luxurious hotels in the world along with astonishing views. However, the term/rating of seven-star hotels came from one of them, an iconic Burj Al Arab. Keep in consideration that Burj Al Arab is the first seven-start luxury hotel in the world. Certainly, it’s one of the proudest facts of Dubai.

Interesting Facts of Dubai

  • Over 85 Percent of Dubai’s Population Is Foreign

It is estimated that less than 15 percent of the population of Dubai is Emiratis. However, more than 85 percent are expatriates. Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Over 200 different nationalities are living there. However, the extent of diversity is one of the impressive facts of the city. The city includes a massive population of Indian, Pakistani, as well as Bangladeshi residents. Most of the workers building Dubai’s hundreds of skyscrapers are also from these countries, comprising over 50% of the city’s population. A lot of residents are the businesspeople who moved to Dubai in order to pursue various opportunities.

Along with this, the largest population of Western expatriates also consists of British people. you can also find Americans as well as people from Africa, particularly Somalia. The class division is big, with many of the workers living and working in tough conditions. Emiratis have their rent, education as well as medical bills, upper-class foreigners earn extremely handsome salaries.

·        You Pay No Income Tax in Dubai

Apart from an often-attractive salary you also won’t have to pay income taxes while making money in Dubai. This feature attracts a lot of people coming to Dubai. they can easily save more money in less time. on the flip side, it’s also so easy to spend a lot of money in Dubai. However, The UAE has introduced its first-ever corporate tax that will be effective from 1st June 2023. Individuals will still be exempt from employment, equity investments, real estate as well as other personal income taxes unrelated to a UAE trade.

  • Dubai Loves Gold

Gold is one of the biggest commodities traded through Dubai. It accounts for around 40% of physical gold trade worldwide. In order to make the lives of gold buyers easier, there are gold dispensing ATMs serving the public since 2010. If you are a gold lover and want to buy gold you can use ATM. All you need is a credit or debit card. The transactions take place only in dirhams.

Moreover, you can also visit Dubai’s popular Gold Souk. Gold Souk is a traditional gold market with more than 380 retailers. Over 25% of the world’s physical gold passed via Dubai. An interesting fact about this city is, they hold a record in making the longest gold chain measuring 5,522 meters.

  • A very low crime rate

Dubai is home to people from all round the globe, and we see criminal activities increasing. However, Dubai city still maintains a 0% crime rate. One of the reasons may be factored down to the high surveillance and police presence. Dubai is one of the safest cities for all especially for women.

  • A Thirsty City

There’s a great need to know that UAE’s water consumption is the highest in the world. It’s about 80% more than what people use in other countries on average. 550 liters of water usage is average per person daily, the cooling systems are responsible. Sometime the temperatures go up as high as 50°C or above, the city needs a lot of water to cool massive structures such as malls, offices as well as residential buildings.

  • The Longest Automated Metro

Dubai city has the longest driverless metro line along with the length of 52.1 km, named as Dubai Metro Red Line. The Green line is 22.5 km long. Combining these lines makes it longer than the Vancouver Skytrain. Another fact regarding Dubai public transport is, all the bus stops are airconditioned. If you ever visit Dubai in the hot months, you’ll immediately understand why.

  • Largest Airport Terminal in the World

It’s interesting to know that Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport, is the largest airport terminal in the world. The airport terminal is no less than a shopping mall features a 5-star hotel – Dubai International Hotel. Along with this, there’re multiple apple stores, a swimming pool, Snoozecubes, a gym, jacuzzi and TWO zen gardens. You can make your layover at Dubai Airport quite sorted. Moreover, Dubai International Airport is also the second busiest airport with the fastest Wi-Fi speed.

  • Public display of affection is not allowed

It’s just a matter of laws that must be respected regardless of which country you’re travelling. The UAE is no exception as it has its own unique set of laws, regulations as well as code of conduct. It may be annoying for some, but showing affection in public places is not allowed in Dubai. Keep in mind, you could end up in jail for this. Married couples can hold hands, they can’t kiss in public. Foreigners caught doing may face immediate deportation. It could also have an unpleasant consequence for locals and tourists indiscriminately.

  • Strict Regulations on Alcohol

According to the religion of Islam, the official religion of the UAE, alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. Therefore, the authorities regulate as well as monitor its consumption while individuals under 21 years are not allowed to drink. In the past, only tourists or resident foreigners were allowed to have an alcohol license to purchase in Dubai. Nowadays, residents don’t need the license. However, it must still be consumed privately as well as licensed public areas.

  • Dubai has robots as jockeys

Camel racing is one of the most popular sports in Dubai In order to keep the weight of the jockeys down, child labor ride the camels. Instead of allowing Dubai residents’ children to participate, children illegally trafficked into the country to race camels. Now, to prevent children from being for their small size, small robots are now the jockeys. You can easily enjoy a camel ride adventure while not racing a camel. These robots have built-in walkie-talkies allowing the owners to deliver commands to the camels, operated via remote control.

  • People own gold-plated cars

Without any doubt, Dubai is well known for the lavish lifestyle. It may sound astonishing to you, people here also own cars made of gold. If you visit the fancier locals in the city, this sight might be common. Luxury cars ranging from Lamborghini to Ferrari in Dubai own gold-plated cars. These dazzling cars are an exciting sigh. However, if you are an automotive enthusiast, the roads of the city are a feast for the eyes.

  • Roaming camels are not uncommon

Dubai is one of few cities in the world to find camels roaming around on sandy beaches and dunes. Dubai’s desert safari is one of the popular tourist attractions for people looking to experience this unique way of life. You can ride one yourself at Camel Rides as well as go sandboarding or quad biking over massive dunes up 60 meters high. If you’re brave enough, have an exhilarating trip into the desert wilderness.

  • Cosmopolitan Cuisine

It’s fascinating to know that Emiratis have massive affection for their past. They consider food to be a central and integral part of their culture. Dubai is a multinational and cosmopolitan city bursting along with international cuisines. However, Emiratis connects to their traditional food. You must try Manakish, Balaleet, and Barata to experience the real and authentic taste of the city.

  • Tourism is a big industry

It’s one of the relevant Dubai facts for travelers, as you are also the part of it. Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Tourism plays a significant role in the city’s economy. It’s surprising to know that the city attracts over 15 million tourists every year. It’s one of the top destinations in the world for all ages.

Strange facts about Dubai

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. These are some strange facts about Dubai making this mystical city more mysterious…

  • The weekly Dubai day off is Friday and sometimes Saturday, depending on the sector you are work in.
  • In Dubai, the ratio of men to women is 3 to 1.
  • Israeli passport holders are not allowed in Dubai. However, if you visit Israel on travels and have stamp in your passport, you should be fine.
  • The police in Dubai drive luxury sports cars such as Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s.
  • You can also order a gold infused coffee in Dubai. it’ll takes your morning latte to next level.
  • It’s in the last few years that residents of Dubai have street addresses. Before that, people directed people to places as per the local landmarks. Now, the government is assigning unique codes for the better system.
  • Much of water of the city comes from water from the sea. It goes through various process to make it able to drink. Thanks to the dry desert location.
  • Dubai is cheaper to purchase fuel than water.
  • Dubai is so often breaking world records that the record book has set up an office in Dubai.
  • You can move Dubai for the ultimate incentive for losing weight. For every kg lost, the government awards 2 grams of gold. Dole out almost a million dollars in rewards annually.
  • A lot of Dubai residents shun the standard dog or cat as a pet. Lions and cheetahs are highly sought after. These are more exotic animals, the higher your social status. The government is phasing out this practice.
  • Dubai is a rich city. One surefire way in order to know if someone is loaded in Dubai. Take a look at the license plate. The less digits on the plate, means the higher status. For example, the license plate with number “1” on it was auctioned for $14 million.

Facts about working in Dubai

There are multiple perks to living and working in Dubai. these are some of the fast facts you need to know regarding laying roots in the U.A.E.

  • One of the reasons the city of gold is so enticing for foreigners is, there’s no such thing as income tax. Major businesses choose Dubai as their base and take advantage of the major earning potential as well as plethora of employment opportunity.
  • An average monthly wage in Dubai is around 16,000-17,000 Dh. It generally includes housing and transport costs, along with other benefits.
  • Expats make up around 71% of the population of Dubai. So, you’ll be in good company while relocating here. The city is home to over 200 nationalities, make it more diverse.
  • Adjusting to a new life in Dubai is a steep learning curve. Make sure you are ready to take the plunge before. Lifestyle and cultural differences between Dubai and other Western countries can be vast. Moreover, the oppressive heat during summer, and the cultural customs need a big adjustment.
  • Dubai is more progressive than other Middle Eastern countries in terms to attitude to women in the workplace. Women are excelling across a range of industries as well as other sectors.
  • Debt of any kind is not tolerated. You may find yourself in a debtor’s prison along with bank accounts frozen as well as unable to leave the country.
  • The rapid growth of Dubai indicates that many jobs are now in-demand.
  • If you work in finance, IT, business support, web development, you could be what many businesses in Dubai are looking for.
  • It only takes just an hour to drive the entire length of the city, you can guarantee that a commute won’t be a total killer. Peak hour traffic is crazy in Dubai…
  • The working week is between 40-48 hours. A lot of companies operate by taking 3 hour break for lunch.

Dubai’s goal seems to be to constantly have the biggest. If you ever get the chance to visit this truly amazing city, go. Whether you end up liking it or not, it’ll leave a unique and memorable impression.


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