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Dubai; 8th wonder of the world.
Dubai never settles for anything less than first place. Dubai, the city of wonders is itself a wonder. The completely artificial, man-made city of absolute perfection and glamour. Dubai is all about state-of-the-art technology and modernization. The city is famous as the top most vacation destination and known for its ultra-modern architecture and attractive nightlife scene.
Somebody has rightly said, “In Dubai we don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen.” Dubai is an extremely charming place, not just in regard to its tourism but its development and culture as well. People around the globe visit Dubai to experience the fascinating lifestyle of Dubai. One can undoubtedly call this city ‘a dream city’.
In your quest to explore more about Dubai and make your Dubai holidays fruitful, here we present you 12 facts about Dubai that are larger than life and leave you wondering, what this small deserted city holds in.

0% Crime Rate

Despite of being the global hub, where people from around the world live together, Dubai City is the safest even at night. The crime index in Dubai is 22.23 and the safety index at 77.77, which can be counted as one of the attractions actually *not even joking*. Well the credit goes to strict laws that are strongly enforced in the city.

Dubai’s Mini City

Dubai is known for its unique infrastructure and architect. It is always creating something new and wonderful things. This time they are making efforts to construct a mini-city within the existing city. It is projected to be 2.25 times the size of Monaco and will be completely climate-controlled. Once it is constructed it will be one of the most amazing places to visit in Dubai. Way to go for more Dubai!

No Sewage System

Dubai being the most advanced and well-planned city has no sewage system. They have got ‘poop trucks’ to remove the waste from the city.

Robots for Camel Racing

Camel racing in desert safaris is the most famous sport of Dubai. Camels are small in size thus only children can participate in racing them. Previously many children were illegally trafficked into the country to ride camels. Eradicating this issue, Dubai has come up with a solution, now child-sized robots are being built to be used in camel racing.

Dubai has no Addresses

Dubai is faster than your racer bike. With the same speed the city is growing, therefore they don’t have a standard address system for the city is changing every day. Instead of addresses on mails, there are landmarks mentioned as delivery directions.

Tax-Free Dubai!

In Dubai, you don’t have to pay income tax from your handsome salary. This is the thing that attracts a lot of people to come to Dubai and make money.

Dubai is Gold

Dubai loves gold! There are ATMs in Dubai that dispense gold bars and 40% of all physical gold traded in 2013 happened in Dubai.

Dubai – the City of Foreigners

It is estimated that 85% of Dubai’s population expatriates. Most of the workers building glorious skyscrapers are immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others, as a result now they comprise 50% of the population of the region.


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