Boathouse Iftar Package for 20 Guests for 2 hours with Indian Combo


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Iftar Package for 20 Guests for 2 hours at Boathouse with Indian Combo

For Muslim men and women, Ramadan is a time when they grow closer to God through fasting, prayer, and charity. The act of fasting calls on Muslims to feel empathy for others who are less fortunate, which often motivates them to donate money or food to charitable causes with a special focus on reaching out to those who are experiencing hardship.

65 ft House Boat is perfect if you want to host an Iftar Party. Invite up to 65 guests and spend quality time onboard. You will enjoy all the moments by being close to nature with your loved ones.

Break your fast with the Iftar combo box. Climb to the higher deck to take in the breathtaking views from the open-air upper deck or the full-window view of Dubai Creek. The Upper Deck also provides a more comfortable place to hang around.

This Iftar package is available for AED 3,760.00 for 20 guests for 2 hours sailing from Dubai Harbor.


The price mentioned is for 20 Guests, but the boat has a capacity of a maximum of 65 guests. So, if you want to invite more guests, you just need to pay AED 38 per guest.


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Best Iftar Party

May 1, 2023 Iftar Package at Boathouse was the perfect mix of convenience and fun, including a long table for 20 guests, music, dancing, and delicious food. This package is highly recommended as a special experience.


Good Iftar Experience

March 26, 2023

This Iftar Package at Boathouse is the perfect mix of convenience and fun. The event includes all the trimmings – a long table for 20 guests, music, dancing and delicious food! As part of our ‘boathouse’ concept Mala ae really have created something special for us to enjoy.

Adison John

Best Entertainment Ever

February 25, 2023

I would say that Mala ae try his best to give the best entertainment party for your trip. They are matchless in making your memories. I’m thankful to Mala ae and highly recommend my side to everyone.

Marick Jane
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