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Gugu boat Dubai

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Gugu Yacht Dubai

Cruise along Dubai’s beautiful coastal waters and see the most stunning landmarks aboard the Gugu Boat, one of the best yachts offered by Gold Crest. This ultra-modern yacht can accommodate up to 90 people, providing an unforgettable party experience. Admire the stunning views and luxurious interiors of the yacht as you soak up the sun and enjoy the sea breeze.

Take the helm of this 78 feet long yacht rental while traveling with a bunch of people, family or friends. The Gugu Boat in Dubai is perfectly designed for big gatherings, offering ample space for everyone to relax and enjoy. We recommend at least 3 to 4 hours of cruising on the Gugu Boat Dubai, allowing you to experience the magic of the city’s coastline.

With its sleek and stylish design, the Gugu Boat is sure to impress. This yacht rental is the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or just a day out with friends. Contact us today to book your dhow cruise and experience the beauty of Dubai’s coastal waters aboard the Gugu Boat.

  • Modern and spacious design, perfect for accommodating up to 90 guests.
  • Luxurious interiors and stunning views of Dubai’s beautiful coastal waters.
  • Ideal for houseboat rentals and yacht parties, perfect for family and friends.
  • Recommended 3 to 4 hours of cruising time to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Professional crew providing excellent service and ensuring a smooth sailing experience.
  • Professional Skipper & Crew on Board
  • Yacht, crew & guests are fully insured
  • All safety equipment onboard
  • Nearest landmark: Pier 7 restaurant building next to Marina Mall
  • Facility for pick up from the hotel (if private transfer/sharing option selected)
  • Lower deck with fully air-conditioned
  • Upper deck provides open-air experience
  • Washroom facilities for men and women
  • Facility for drop off available (if private transfer/sharing option selected)
  • All guests are required to bring original emirates id or original passport.
  • Pick up facility is available from other areas than Dubai on your request based on extra charges
  • As per the government guidelines, there would not be live entertainment or during the holy month of Ramadan or Dry Days.
  • Depending on the traffic schedules in your area, the pick and drop off timings of the sharing transfers can be modified by 30-60 minutes
  • If the cancellation is made within the 14 days of the departure time, then 100% charges are applicable
  • The amount will be refunded into your account within 7 working days if you are eligible for a refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Gugu Boat is designed to be safe and undergoes regular safety checks and maintenance. The drivers are also trained and experienced in operating the vehicle on both land and water.

The length of a Gugu Boat tour can vary depending on the location and specific tour. Typically, a tour lasts around 2 hours, with some tours offering shorter or longer options.

It is permitted sometimes. First, ask for permission from the company.

No, pets are not allowed onboard.

Yes, some Gugu Boat tour operators offer private tours for individuals or groups. It is best to check with the tour operator beforehand to confirm their availability and pricing.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are suitable for the weather and activity. It is also a good idea to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, especially if the tour is during the day.


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