Well! Dubai is an exotic place and it is perceived that you are forced to spend money on every corner. The main reason behind this is that so many luring offers endlessly surround you so a man just can’t resist and ends up spending a lot. But don’t be sad, there are many things you can do without taking out your credit card in Dubai.
Taking a walk in the streets of Dubai and visiting The Dubai Fountain are good ideas for having some quality time in Dubai, but we have already covered both of these topics. Today, we’ll be discovering more ways to be thrilled in the city of gold, for free!

1. Free Bike Ride

Yes! Puma offers free bike rides to people who want to sign up. The thing is known as Puma Fishtail rides that go on until March. People who sign up get to see a different side of Dubai.

2. Attend Healing Seminars

In Dubai, the Illuminations Well-Being Center offers you treatment to heal yourself. This group organizes a seminar each week and discusses topics like nutrition, energy healings, meditation and hypnotherapy.

3. Get a Make-Up at MAC

The shop assistants there are really friendly and don’t show any irritation in showing you how to make your lips bold and eyes smoky. If you are bored and want some change in your looks, go to MAC studio for a perfect make up.

4. Get a Hand Massage at Lush

Lush offers free hand massage and also give samples of bath soaps and their pungent products for free. Lush also offers readings on scents and products from the brand’s Emotional Brilliance variety.

5. Visit Al Quoz

Al Quoz is a locality that contains many art galleries which offer so much about art and artists. The galleries showcases some really fantastic and out-of-this-world artworks. You also get to meet the artists.

6. Watch your Favorite Movie at Al Fresco

Every Sunday, you get to watch a classic movie at al fresco. Just sit on the comfortable beanbags at Pyramid Rooftop Gardens and forget about the rest of the world. Every week, there is a different movie.

7. Go to Horse Races

Low budget never means that you miss out all the fun at Dubai’s races. At Meydan, Dubai World Cup offers amazing horse racing. You also get to see the world’s best jockeys and beasts.

8. Learn your Favorite Language

Eton Institute of Dubai offers a language course every month. The institute also organizes cultural evenings that are free. These evenings offer knowledge about languages, traditions and different kinds of cuisines.

9. Join Free Bugg-E-Fit Classes

This is especially for mums. Just go to Safa Park with your baby and take part in free Bugg-E-Fit classes. In these sessions, they use buggies to tone leg back, abs and behinds, but you should make bookings first in order to enroll.

10. Visit Dhow-building yard

If you are a person who wants to see how these amazing heritage boats in Dubai are made, then head to the Jaddaf dhow-building yard. Boats of every size are constructed here. You get to know about all the techniques as well as tools that are used to bind the pieces of Sheesham wood together.

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