Beyond the mind-blowing architecture, there is a plethora of cultural hubs, quality restaurants and landmarks that should be visited at least once in Dubai. If you think that Dubai is just another city, you’re mistaken, because there is so much more than meets the eye. So, following are the 10 incredible things that you should do on your first visit to Dubai:

1. Hang Out at Dubai Creek:

Dubai Creek is one of the best spots to go if you’re visiting Dubai for the first time. Dubai Creek allows you to experience amazing sightseeing on a Dhow cruise and enjoy a tempting dinner on the ride.


2. Visit the Historic Fishing Town of Al-Bastakiya:

Though not very famous, the fishing town of Al-Bastakiya is another must-visit place. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, visiting the old Dubai is a good idea where you’ll find some small souks and beautiful architecture.


3. Go for Desert Safari:

Desert Safari is a popular sport in Dubai that offers a lot to enjoy. You can go for dune bashing or pose with camels and eagles for a cherished memory.


4. Visit the Souks for Gold and Spices:

The souks of Dubai are an amazing place to visit. You can buy regional spices, perfumes, textiles, gold and everything fancy from there.


5. Have Fun at the Wild Waadi Water Park:

Wild Waadi Park is located near the Burj-Al-Arab and is a beautiful place to visit with your family. There are high water slides, tornado pools and mild surfing rides to enjoy.


6. Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden:

The Dubai Miracle Garden is crafted and cultivated very beautifully and is a work of art. If you want to visit the place, you must go early.


7. Meet the Dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium:

The Dolphinarium is established to spread awareness about sea life, especially dolphins. You’ll get to see other aquatic animals there too.


8. Experience a Performance of the Dubai Fountain:

The Dubai Fountain is the world’s tallest fountain and is situated at the Burj Khalifa Lake. The fountain show is amazingly choreographed and is certainly a feast for the eyes.


9. Take Pictures from the World’s Tallest Building:

If you get to visit the top of the Burj Khalifa, don’t miss on taking in the view. The view is amazing at the time of sunset when the city transforms into a beautifully sparkling jewel.

10. Visit the Ski Park:

If you miss snow, worry not, because Dubai has managed to create a Ski Park in the city. You can also meet snow penguins there.


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