We all know that Dubai is one of those cities that are more than meets the eye. Beyond the glossy building exteriors, there is a wealth of award-winning restaurants, cultural hubs as well as incredible souks that you see. It is fascinating to know that there are so many of the best things to do in Dubai that are dotted all across the city.
If you are in Dubai for a week. You can spend quality time there. Take a look at some of the very best things to do in Dubai.

Historic fishing town

dubai fishing

Dubai is the area that was scattered with small fishing villages that dotted the shoreline. For you, there is a significant need to take a moment from the towering city as well as head over to the Bastakiya Quarter that has stood the test.
You can also visit some of the historic buildings, the smaller souks as well as discover some of the beautiful architecture that makes up old Dubai. however, it is somewhere you will love visiting on the visit to the city as it is really is one of the best things to do in Dubai. however, if you really want to escape some of that midday heat, just hop over to the Dubai Museum in order to learn more about this region.

Spend a night in the desert

If you are anything like you’ll be itching in order to explore outside of a city after a few days of city life. One of the best things that may strike you with Dubai is that it’s quite unique. That means once you leave the fringe of the city skyscrapers you realize pretty fast that you are smack-bang in the gorgeous desert landscapes.
There are few ways of spending a night in the desert, some focus on gorgeous luxurious Bedouin-style tents. However, some others focus on exploring the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Whatever you choose, it’s will be one of your best destinations to see the sunset and easily one of the best things to do in Dubai.

Watch the sunrise over the city

dubsi sunrise

One of the best ways to see the sunrise is through the age-old craft of hobby of air ballooning. To be honest, people may people nervous at the thought of hot-air ballooning due to the height. However, keep in consideration, it’s one of the best experiences you ever had, especially at sunrise. It’s well worth waking up early for.

Choosing a dhow cruise

dhow cruise dubai marina

There are numerous companies that offer dhow cruise packages. Tourists should compare the companies in order to get the best rates. All the packages are ideal for big groups and families. In order to find the best dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, tourists have to choose between the Dubai Creek or Marina. There is a great need to know that Dubai Marina has a more modern outlook and it will be appealing to sightseeing tourists. However, Dubai Creek typifies the Arabian simplicity of a bygone era.
The traditional dhow design is quite essential for sightseeing tourists. A dhow along with large deck windows offers a breathtaking view of nighttime Dubai. keep in consideration, there are also traditional dhows with open-air decks for an even better view. Tourists have to identify companies that provide guided tours on their dhow cruises.

Top of Burj Khalifa


World’s tallest building is, visible from almost everywhere in Dubai. bear in consideration, taking in the site is thrilling from the street, you can also visit the top of the 160-story behemoth. It’s the best time to brace yourself for the thrill of the high-speed elevators that are followed by complete awe the moment you step onto the observation deck. You can also buy tickets online in advance for a specific time. Most first-time visitors to Dubai go to the top of the world’s largest building, Burj Khalifa.

Go jet skiing

jet ski

There are a lot of places offering Jet Skiing in Dubai such as Marina, Mamzar, Jumeirah beach, etc. One jet-skiing session is for at least 30 minutes. However, there are a lot of rental packages for more than that. Two people can ride on a jet ski at a time. however, it is not a must. If you like to ride alone, yes, you can. A training session of Dubai maritime rules is mandated before the ride in order to reduce the chances of accidents.
Moreover, there are not many requirements for one to be able to ski. People of any size, shape, as well as fitness level, are allowed to go for it if they are at least 13 or above. However, the riders under 16 are required to have an adult companion on the ski.
Yellow floats marks are areas in the sea where skis are allowed, you cannot go beyond those. It is also dangerous in order to speed along the coastline where there will be swimmers.
There is a great need to wear a life jacket if they know how to swim. Jet skis have no breaks, be very wary, and be at a safe distance from anything and anyone. If you want to stop, just slow down to the lowest speed as well as shut off the motor.


sky diving

You can try out one of the most adventurous things to do in Dubai. Skydiving can be done at specific locations known as drop zones or at a diving center. From there, an aircraft takes you up into the air. In this way, you can perform the jump and safely land on to a special designated area. The aircraft significantly depends on the drop zone. Good weather conditions are essential for safe skydiving, drop zones can suspend normal operations during inclement weather.

Touring Dubai on a helicopter


Here is the best chance to fly over the landmarks of Dubai. No matter how far and wide you have explored the city, nothing can beat the aerial view of Palm Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as the World Islands.
Keep in consideration, the duration of the helicopter flight ranges from 10 minutes to over an hour. however, the most popular ones are between 25 and 30 minutes. There are a lot of packages and routes in order to fly above the heritage sites along Creek, around Burj Khalifa and Atlantis, and all the way across Palm Jumeirah.
Be mindful of arriving half an hour before the trip schedule in order to allow room for the formalities and carrying your passport with you. A chopper carries 5 to 6 passengers at a time. that means you can bring your family or friends along.

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