Dubai is the land of skyscrapers, adventures, souks, seven star hotels, and so many other places that they cannot be summarized in a short article; left alone this little paragraph. Those places may be normal for people living there, but for those who have planned a visit to Dubai, these things are exhilarating.
Whether you are visiting Dubai for a business meeting or just coming to spend your holidays here, these are the ten best things to do in Dubai that you should never miss.

1. Visit Burj Khalifa

The development of this project brought excitement and thrill to people who love to experience adventures in their lives. Riding the world’s fastest lift in Burj Khalifa is a must do a thing. The place is actually a heaven for photographers and people who want to go beyond horizons.

2. Visit Ski Dubai

Do you want to visit a desert and ski slopes and the same time? Well, you can do that in Dubai. The place is called Ski Dubai. Switching of temperatures from 50 degrees to below zero is kind of weird, but believe me, you do want to experience this weirdness. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to ski, instructors are there to help you.

3. Visit a Road Side Restaurant

Roadside restaurants are for lovers of curry. People who like spicy Asian food should go there at least once. From Chicken Haandi to Daal and from Biriyani to Spinach, everything is served in a very friendly and very tasty way. The atmosphere there is just ideal and for people who like to stay casual while eating.
Tip: if you go there, you should be ready to eat a lot. These restaurants offer heavy food, not snacks.

4. Go Day Tripping

Tour companies usually pick you up from the hotel and give you a tour of the desert. Then take you to ride a camel, and then top it off with a traditional Arabic meal and a performance of belly dance. If you want to go a little adventurous then you can bathe the rock pools of Hatta or Wadi Wurrayah, Dubai’s natural waterfall.
5. Go to Desert Safari
Your visit to Dubai won’t complete if you do not book Desert Safari. Try Shisha and eat barbecue food too. Have you ever seen pictures of people with falcons on their hands? Yes that is Desert Safari.

6. Burj Al-Arab

Undoubtedly, this place is already on your list. The world’s first-ever seven-star hotel and undoubtedly the world’s most luxurious hotel is Burj Al-Arab on Jumeirah Beach.
With the amazing building design resembling to a dhow, and since it stands in the middle of the Arabian Sea, it does seem like a sailing dhow. This is the landmark Dubai is most associated with. It also happens to be one of the most iconic buildings of the world, along with Big Ben of London, Opera House in Sydney and Eiffel Tower in Paris.

7. See Dubai Fountain

Seeing Dubai Fountains go up and touch the sky won’t cost you anything. The thing is quite similar to Belaggio fountains in Dubai. However, the difference is that in Dubai Fountain, it is louder, bigger and taller.

8. Going to the Dubai Mall

Dubai is mainly famous for shopping malls. But believe me, Dubai Mall is something very different and something worth seeing. There is a 22 screen cinema and a theme park called Sega World. There is an ice-rink and underwater zoo also. It is nothing less than a tourist destination and it is much more than just a mall.

9. Jog around Dubai Marina

People go jogging around Marina just because of the stunning views during the daytime. You can also take the Dubai ferry which offers a great passage from Atlantis Hotel and Palm Jumeirah. The ferry finishes its ride at the Creek.

10. Dubai Creek

The Creek is one of the oldest areas of Dubai. Ride an abra for a dirham in afternoon when sun is about to set. The site takes you back to 60s when Dubai came to existence.
This abra ride will not only be a trip down the memory lane but also you’ll be witnessing a manmade miracle. A miracle of development, commitment and riches.

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