There’s nothing less to be expected from the capital of Dubai Emirates, a major emirate making up an entire country along with 6 other emirates. The beautiful northern coastline Dubai has been blessed with is utterly an inspiration for how the city turned itself from a mere desert into the most advanced city with the most 21st-century modern architecture.
There are now multiple tourist places in Dubai and its huge tourism could be one of the major reasons why the city is so advanced because the city itself already welcomes all sorts of cultures through the tourists coming from around the world, so they end up receiving a wide of themes for their projects.
Besides, being such an open city, you’ll find the middle-eastern culture everywhere in the city. Even though they grasp creativity but they never let go of the essence of the middle-eastern culture since it’s one of the major reasons why people visit Dubai, to explore their culture.
What to see in Dubai is always easy to decide because the city has worked with all its heart on every project so the entire city could be considered one gem of a masterpiece.

1. Dubai Museum:

As mentioned above, tourists are mostly attracted by the middle-eastern cultural heritage of Dubai. So for any person who is interested in the history and culture of Dubai, a museum is one of the perfect places to go in Dubai for them.
The Museum of Dubai is said to be the oldest building ever to be built in the city so it has the perfect location for having the historical stories and remains of the old times.

2. Burj Khalifa:

Being the tallest structure of the entire world, BurjKhalifa could be the biggest attraction for tourists from around the globe. It’s one of those icons of the world which are known by their own name without even needing to know where they actually belong.
The entire building of Burj khalifa is about 2,717 feet tall and people visit its top floor from where you get the best view of the world as well as some of the sky.

3. Jumeirah Mosque:

The culture of Dubai is majorly about Islam so the city is filled with Islamic historical places. It is considered the most beautiful mosque of Dubai.
Mosques are usually not in favor of allowing non-muslims inside the boundaries of the mosque but the Jumeirah Mosque is also an important tourist attraction because it is the only mosque in the city that allows non-muslims visitors to visit the mosque.

4. Burj Al Arab:

It’s also just another extraordinary tall building of Dubai but what’s unique about this masterpiece is that it’s built on the very coastline of the city. It’s definitely one of the most exceptionally planned structures of the world.
Dubai is like the most elaborated way for all the tourists to understand the beautiful Middle Eastern culture and its uniqueness.

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