The best destination for celebrating this merriment EID, other than the crown jewel of the Muslim world, an ultimate tourist destination, marvel of man’s creativity, is in the magnificent city of Dubai. Feel at home in this Arabic peninsula but with International standards and let your EID holidays become an ultimate memory that you can rejoice for many years to come.
Dubai is not only beautified by man-made marvels and wonders but is also blessed by nature. In fact it is the merger of desert and the sea. Where the desert shows it own enchantments and the ocean has its own deepness, it’s their collection in one city along with beyond belief synthetic structures that gives Dubai its uniqueness. As a heart of United Arab Emirates; we proudly present our Muslim and Arab roots and culture.

First, let us take you to the mystification of the desert, where desert safaris may bring out the adventurer in you. Take your best vehicle and try your whip master skills on the land. Strive to tame the ever shifting desert dunes. Let your inner adventurer out to have a fearless battle with the harsh desert conditions. If this thrill is not enough, enjoy the night after this adventure with a beautiful cultural festival. Moon light and desert sand makes this festival just like an exploration you will cherish. Be the fearless prince and be rewarded generously for your day long battle. If moonlight and desert do not dazzle you.

Then, how about the ocean waves commanded by the moon, revealing the deepest mysteries? You can enjoy your day in the sea wind with our cruise ships. Let the passion blaze in the marine breeze and let the man-made stars of Dubai shine at your love life and let the sea waves break the ice. Whether a romantic dinner or a family gathering or it’s a meet up with old friends, everything can be made special on our exotic cruises. Who’s wooden finish make the environment more elite and lavish décor fits in for a perfect environment. The city lights reflected by the deep-sea at night make you forget all your worries and let you express your inner self, like the oceanic waves which makes the rocks at the shore even.

Let this trip make your life smoother and clear of the coarse edges so that you can feel the beauty inside. Speaking of sea what is better than having dinner with your loved ones in the sea breeze and being rocked gently by the ocean waves. In order to tranquil you and your hidden emotions, at Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, we offer a wide range of mouth-watering cuisines to treat your taste buds. We have the flavors of the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. Enjoy the aquatic food on the sea and let your inner spirit free. To make your dinner more interesting and deluxe we offer the finest cutlery from the world. Enjoy the appetizing food on the finest china. We make your atmosphere more homely and relaxed with music and appropriate ambiance. So, we invite you to spend your EID holidays with us and we assure you that we will make these moments one of the most valued and memorable for you.

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