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There are so many things on our minds when we plan a vacation. We think about where to go, what to eat, and what places to visit in order to make your trip exciting and memorable. When you are visiting Dubai, the ultimate heaven of golden sand dunes, there can be no possible reason for you to not experience the thrill of its desert adventures. Although, there are so many other attractions for tourists in Dubai like shopping and beaches yet this should be in your list of top things to do in Dubai.
Now you must be thinking what can possibly my options of adventure in a desert? Well, we are not talking about some ordinary destination but Dubai, the ultimate hub of entertainment and excitement. Here is a rundown of five best desert adventures in Dubai you can’t afford to miss out.

1. Dirt Biking:

Get ready for the adrenaline rush kicking in your guts while dirt biking through the deserts of Dubai. Many people think that dirt biking is a far play as so many of them don’t know how to ride a bike but it is not true. For the desert dirt biking, you can take a four-week beginners course. So keep your worries aside and unleash your wild side with the extreme sport of dirt biking to make your trip memorable.

2. Sand Boarding:

Have you ever tried snowboarding through the beautiful mountains covered with snow? Yeah? Good! Now try sandboarding through the gorgeous mud mountains of the deserts of Dubai. Swap the surfboards for the sandboards and throw yourself down the golden sand dunes in Dubai. If owning a sandboard is a step to far, you can give it a try on most desert safaris.

3. Hot Air Balloon Rides:

Imagine yourself 4,000 feet high in the sky watching the golden sun setting beyond the breathtaking horizons of enticing desserts. Dreamy isn’t it? Well, this can surely be real if you try out the hot air balloon rides in the deserts of Dubai. Some desert tour companies also offer the company of two falcons, who travel up with you and their handlers before they are let loose to circle your balloon. This can be the perfect dream sightseeing in Dubai you could have ever wished for!

4. Camel Track Rides:

The perfect symbolism for the beauty of deserts is camels. So you better not leave Dubai without enjoying the camel track rides. Get ready to sit back and absorb in the mysterious surroundings of deserts as these hump-backed creatures trek through their turf.

5. Quad Biking:

Quad biking is considered to be a lighter version of dune bugging as it seems to be a little too intimidating for the first-timers. So gather your friends, make a group and do a quad bike safari instead. You will most probably be given a basic briefing and then you can enjoy it on your own. It is one of the hot favorite tourist activities in Dubai.

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