We’ve all seen how the desert looks like in the movies but the true beauty of the deserts can’t be felt on the screens of your flat screen plasma. When we say the expression, ‘There’s more to what meets the eye’ we mean it. Desert Safari is one of those things one MUST do when you’re on the Arabian soil because it’s safe to say, if you haven’t had an adventure in the desert? You haven’t seen Dubai at all.

The shimmering sun on top of sandy never ending hills, welcomes like a humble guest. But when you step into the powerful 4×4 jeeps, the true adventure begins. Your adrenal glands begin to juice adrenaline and you end up having the ride of your life. It’s not only cruising through the sand but the whole culture of the Arab people! Be it the company of close friends or family, you’d find a wide range of things to do. Camel riding to Sand boarding, thrill seekers will never gets bored. Not for a minute. And when you’re tired, you get a resort like experience WITHIN the desert. Cuisines to refreshing drinks come to you in all the ways you like!

It’s something that’ll be worth every minute of your time. Take time out of your mundane routine and leap forward to mesmerising desert scenery. There’s nothing prettier than watching the ripe orange of the sun sink into the brown sand against the horizon and then watching the sky change colours into a refined darkness with a sparkle of stars above yourself. Desert Safari is not only an adventure that fulfils your cravings for thrill but it also brings you closer to nature. See things like never before. Do things like never before. Being so close to nature gives you an amazing perspective on life itself!

With all that when the day finally comes to rest at night, feast the eyes with traditional tanura dances with a mix of belly dancing and BBQ buffet to add a bit taste to the mystic treat. Desert safari is indeed the perfect experience.

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