About two decades ago, if someone had suggested spending the night in the desert, it would have been out of the question. But not anymore! Now it has become a must for anyone who is visiting Dubai. A wonderful trip full of adventure and enjoyment that you will never forget because there is so much that you can do in the middle of the desert. Overnight desert safari has become an obsession with the tourists lately. You should try it too.

The trip has all that you can think of an Arabian night in the middle of the desert. The silence of the night, smell of the sand, stars held above your head and a beautiful Arabic Bedouin camp with Arabic carpets and pillows. You’ll feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. That’s not all, there is so much else for you to enjoy in the evening.

The trip usually starts with a ride in a 4×4 wheel-drive vehicle from your home/residence towards the desert. The first thing to enjoy in the Arabic sands is an adventurous drive in the ride of your dreams. Driving on loose sand is something you had never done before and it is worth trying. It goes like a roller coaster over sandhills. You will never know what height you are going up and how steeply you would come down the other side. Apart from the wheel drive, you will also enjoy the amazing camel ride in the desert too.

You see the sunset and sunrise every day, but not from the horizon of a desert. Imagine the beauty of a pale yellow sun sinking gradually in the Arabic sands and then rising again the next dawn. You will not want to miss photographing this amazing scene. A night stay at desert safari is your chance to add some scenes to your visit’s photography collection and that too worth looking at again and again.

While you are at the desert and that too with friends and family, there is no chance that you do not get to enjoy with some amazing music. It is such a wonderful experience; you will simply love the sound of your favorite music in the open desert. And it will be even better over the traditional snack of tea and dates.

Speaking of traditional tea and dates, food is a great attraction for tourists in Dubai. And while you are at the desert, you will be served with the best food for dinner; bar-b-que or maybe some other cuisine of your choice. There is a variety that you can choose from at the time of booking. You will indulge in the delicious aroma of freshly made dinner and will enjoy it to the fullest. Enjoy your Arabic dinner in a tent sitting on a traditional carpet and pillows, just like in a true Arabian way with unlimited soft drinks and mineral water; and not to mention Arabic sheesha for smokers.

This unforgettable night stay will only end the next morning with a delicious breakfast and a ride back to your residence. A night stay at desert is full of amazing memories to take back home and share with your friends and family in the times to come.

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