Over the years Dubai has emerged because of the hot spot for holidays. Dubai’s tourism authority has invested time and cash to assist Dubai to emerge as “THE” best place to go to. Be it looking, beaches, parks, museums, mosques and infrastructure everything has been developed of exceptional standards, that guarantee maintaining a high flow of tourists all year.
Dubai all told its glory most significantly provides its guests the best experience. The overall experience to go to culture – recent and new, experience to buy the heritage from now and ancient era – malls and souks, the fear of live the adventures – sky diving and also the world-famous DESERT safari.
Embellished with swaggering rides, Arabian music, and opulent food, Dubai night safari exhibits the perfect of Arabian Nights that you must try.
Beaming with mornings and nights, desert safari in Dubai allows wide range of activities. We are doing to discuss a way to make the best out of each day spent in the Arabian desert.

Morning desert safari in Dubai

Sun rising from the dunes

sun rise desert safari dubai
The great Arabian Desert is the place wherever you need to be headed at dawn because the Sun shines the brightest and appears close to horizon. Gape at the golden beauty and enjoys the awesomeness. The morning is unquestionably the foremost attractive spectacle that you’ll see in the desert.

Dune bashing- Explore the Arabian Desert

Dune Bashing Desert Safari | malatours
Morning jeep safari ride in 4×4 SUV in the Arabian Desert through the stormy wind and sand is an exciting activity of the most effective desert campaign in Dubai. Usually, the jeep picks you up from the camp as well as takes you for an exhilarating ride that lasts for about to half an hour.

Camel safari – A Delightful Stroll in the desert

Camel Desert Safari
You’re guaranteed to see a camel in the desert in Dubai therefore why not experience riding one? They’re identified to be calm animals and also the owners of the camels can provide you with directions on the way to board a camel. You undoubtedly embody camel riding to your desert safari Dubai experience.
Camel safari is typically a morning desert safari in Dubai that takes you on a 45-minute ride. You can also tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to explore the desert life. Falcon demonstration is another attraction during which travelers walk around obtaining photographed with the attractive bird.

Sand ski –Thrill of Riding the Desert Sand

The seamless stretch of sand offers sand skiing in Dubai. It’s an adventurous sport, that is one in every of its kind. There are many dunes as high as 200-300 meters, that are ideal for sand skiing. Feel the sand underneath your skis as you glide down. That’s the final word fun in the desert.
This is one for true adrenaline-seekers. Strap the snowboard-like gizmo to your feet and glide down the dunes rather like you’d at the slopes of Ski Dubai. whereas it’s possible to rent a sandboard, there are variety of companies that offer the full experience. Generally, a morning safari package begins with a desert safari as well as ends with a sandboarding session. You’ll learn get the information for making it down the sand dune smoothly.

Quad biking – Ride like a professional

quad biking desert safari Dubai
Riding a quad bike in the Arabian Desert is one in every of the foremost thrilling things to try and do on a desert safari in Dubai. Ride round the curves and explore the desert; quad biking is ideal for adventure enthusiasts on a Dubai tour.

Hot air ballooning –Ride Over the Arabian Desert

hot-air balloon desert in Dubai
Here you can experience the desert safari from a special perspective by boarding a hot air balloon. These tours begin in the early morning to induce a stunning view of sun rise. If you’re daring enough, a hot air balloon ride is best for you. Don’t forget your camera for capturing the amazing views.
It is fascinating to know that hot air balloon safari offers you a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the huge Arabian Desert. The hot air balloon is capable to hold twenty-four persons promptly induces adrenal rush because it drifts high within the air giving spectacular views. The wildlife of the desert includes animals like gazelles and camels are also noticed in the area.

Evening desert safari in Dubai

Sunset – Capture the best moments

Dubai: Desert Safari
A setting sun in the desert in Dubai is charming as compared to the rising sun. The orangish hue dissipated by the sun when it disappears behind one the dunes are really a spectacle to behold. Drive a Range Rover to one of the dunes and luxuriate in the moments as appearance immense within the background. That’s the right moment for some candid photography!

Happening night –Activities to Enjoy

With a spread of recreation and activities like dancing on stilts, fire eating, swirling, as well as the exotic belly dancing, a night in desert can never get better than this. Anchor your luxury tent and luxuriate the exciting moments together with your friends and family. Spend the night under the stars and experience the celebrations. Spending the night at the desert allows you get distinctive experience.

Buffet dinner – Savor the simplest of Arabic food

Dubai Desert Safari Food
Dubai cuisine is considered for lip-smacking taste and trickling flavors. Buffets served in desert safari in Dubai includes Iranian, Arabian and Lebanese dishes. Music and belly dance at the time of dinner creates a typical Arabian night’s vibe.

Overnight safari –Stargazing and Late-Night Dune Bashing

Best Overnight Desert Safari Dubai
There is nothing special than stargazing in the middle of the desert by night. It’s one of the stunning and mesmerizing experiences. Moreover, it’s the best way to relax from the day activities.
If you’d want to maximize your experience in stargazing, there is also option to take an astronomy tour as you take in the beautiful sky.
Desert safari, stargazing, dune bashing observance are the highlights of the most memorable desert safari in Dubai. The nights are windy and cold, precisely the time after you will get inside Range Rover and take up a romantic drive together with your partner.
Drive all the way to dunes and spend your time watching the Arabian desert at night. Along with this, camping and morning breakfast are considered the popular combos offered during an overnight desert safari.
Experience the desert by night on a 5-hour tour when the sun sets, you’ll be able to board a personal vintage Land Rover in order to spot the wildlife of the desert.  An expert driver and guide can accompany you in order to make sure you’ve got an exquisite experience. After the tour around the desert, it’s extremely suggested to stay overnight and make your adventure more exciting.

Bonus – Check combos

You must take an advantage of your time in Dubai. Combine your desert safari Dubai tour along with some other attractions. For instance, you can get combined tickets to do a tour of Dubai, go to the top of the Burj Khalifa, go to Dubai aquarium as well as enjoy a dhow dinner cruise. However, if you’re short of time, a combo is the perfect idea to take into consideration.

Travel tips for Desert Safari

  • The best time to visit desert safari in Dubai is end of October to March. The temperatures moderately rise up but during this period, it should be okay.
  • Dune bashing might be a rough ride. Pregnant women are not suggested to do dune bashing. Moreover, dune bashing is also not suited for people with neck or back problems.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunglasses, sun cream, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • The temperature drops in the evenings, ensure to take warm clothes to put on in the evening. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • You must listen to your guide before boarding a camel because it’s not the same as doing on a horse.
  • Don’t forget to take the camera as there are a lot of wild deer and reptiles that you will surely want to capture.


How much is the distance of desert safari from Dubai?

The distance between Dubai and the desert safari depends on the location you are going to. However, the nearest spot is located approx..37 km away from Dubai and the distance by road is about 55.7 km.

Can I do an overnight desert safari?

Yes, you can enjoy an overnight desert safari in Dubai that can also say to be an extension of the evening safari. For you, it’ll be a different feel to the whole experience. With washrooms or other vital facilities, an overnight desert safari camp in Dubai has a number of activities for you.

How long is the desert safari in the morning in Dubai?

Usually, the morning desert safari begins with a pick-up in the morning at around 9 AM. It lasts for a duration of 2 hours at most. For those busy in life, there is a great need to know, a morning desert safari in Dubai offers the same excitement that one normally expects to get at any time of the day.

Is Al Lahbab Desert the best spot for a desert safari in Dubai?

Yes, the Al Lahbab Desert is the best spot in order to enjoy a desert safari in Dubai. located about 50 km away from the city, the desert features picturesque red dunes from every aspect.

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