There is hardly any dearth of artistically attractive places in Dubai. Dubai possesses the magic and charisma to make you fall in love with Dubai. The city itself is a living testimony of the artistic attractions at every nook and corner of the metropolitan. Being home to some of the tallest structures on the globe, it allows you to traverse those giant structures where you can visit Burj Al Arab or buy a Burj Khalifa ticket and personalize the experience of being at the most unique and prestigious structures of the world. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina gives you an elite experience and Dubai desert safari is a specialty of the inherently desert country.
Artistically luring places are numerous and some of them are given below.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is an extremely unique and breathtaking place to visit. Flowers were never put to such artistic use as have been put at Dubai Miracle Garden. We are talking about footpaths through the ocean of flowers and hue sculptures whose constituents are a huge gamut of flowers. It is regarded as the largest flower garden in the world with over 100 million flowers. All the cottages and miniatures of giant buildings like Burj Khalifa are composed of flowers. There are grand-sized horses and other animals sculptures which make you wonder and inspire awe.

Butterfly Garden

Another world’s largest butterfly garden full of colors is waiting for you. This time the colors are added by living creatures, the butterflies. It is truly artistic heaven to be at. Ten domes are the resting places of 15000 butterflies of over 50 species in each dome. Fluttering winged creatures will make you go gaga over them. Each butterfly wears a variety of colors and when all butterflies are combined, you might find it difficult to name the colors which are the features of little beautiful organisms.

Dubai Frame

Another artistic and architectural marvel is the Dubai Frame which is situated in Zabeel Park and is regarded as the world’s largest picture frame. Truly, there are endless structures and establishments in Dubai which share the characterization of being the world’s largest. It has won accolades for being a dazzling and unique structure in Dubai.

Heritage and Diving Village

Art and history have a very intimate relationship. The art of the past is also a part of history but that does not take away its creative spirit. Artistic exploration of Dubai is incomplete without its heritage sites which provide visitors an opportunity to not only cherish the art forms but also delve into the rich cultural tradition of Dubai. Heritage and Diving Village in Al Shindagha Historical Neighbourhood is home to traditional and old huts and houses, and artifacts that are mirrors of the past. It is the personification of the folkways.

Underwater World at Dubai


Colors are back in the form of aquatic life this time. Over 140 species of fish are waiting for you to make it an unforgettable destination for you. The beauty of the Underwater World is just marvelous. It is a beautiful mix of architectural and artistic brilliance along with the organic beauty added by a huge variety of aquatic animals.
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Aquaventure Waterpark

Next in the list is a waterpark which gives the vibe of an exotic island. It has been brilliantly designed with thrilling and adventurous rides to give you an unforgettable adrenaline-driven experience. The vicinity of dolphins and other aquatic animals makes it even more natural. Besides being a splendid display of artwork, it provides the best family experience.

Wafi Mall

Technology gives rise to art here. The Light and Sound Show of Wafi Mall is an extremely colorful and stirring experience. Walls of the mall are beamed with lights to produce digitized colorful pictures of middle eastern buildings and artwork. This is a classical display of how art mingles with technology and modernity.

Dubai Museum

The intimacy of art and museums can hardly be stressed enough; it goes without saying. Dubai Museum is an iconic place which is situated in Al Fahidi Fort. Old cannons and boats can be seen in Al Fahidi courtyard. The culture of the traditional Arab society has been personified through mannequins sitting as vendors and merchant mannequins reflecting the commercial scene of the society. Wide array of artifacts are kept here including musical instruments and pottery.

Jumeirah Mosque

The sight of the Jumeirah Mosque is a treat to sore eyes. Islam has a special place in the Arab culture and the love and reverence towards the 2nd largest religion of the world, in terms of followers, is manifested in the way mosques are built in UAE. The structure of the mosque is majestic and extremely overwhelming. Minarets are the jewels of the structure and it is one of the few mosques open for tourists and non-Muslims. Green surroundings and palm trees further amplify the beauty of the mosque. Spiritual experience and art have a beautiful harmony here.

Raffles Hotel

Dubai has beautiful hotels with greater architecture and artistic expression. A remarkable hotel is Raffles Hotel. It gives the glimpse of a modern pyramid which is a 5-star hotel and a mix of modernity and Arabian architecture. Polished marble interior serves to fulfill the expectations which are aroused from looking at the exterior.

Shakespeare & Co.

This might be the most artistic and refreshing place to be at. Shakespeare & Co. seems like an establishment belonging to a royal palace. Its serene environment and plush interior makes it a perfect place to sit and relax. Order tea or have a meal; reading a book will be great. It is truly a fairytale world where each and every item ranging from tables and couches to paintings and portraits on the walls are imbued with artistic elegance. Pleasure has its own unique meaning here.
To sum it all up, Dubai never fails to impress you with its artistic expression and creative spirit. Feel the spirit to feel Dubai; you will never forget it.

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