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Seeds are the inspirations we come across and their flower arouses in the form a design.
Everyone admires a good piece of art because if you think about it, all the incredible art and creative architectures were once dreamed of people who wanted to create something everyone would want to share and enjoy with the ones around.
Though, Dubai is completely head over heels amongst the top cities creating modern architectures but without preserving the origin, we don’t get to determine the upgrades. So in order to advance in something, one needs to be aware of its journey throughout the time.
Being the world’s air travel hub, Dubai is already a center for tourists who are fascinated by the middle-eastern culture but Dubai is a place where even the modern architecture lovers could have the time of their lives.
If you’re one of those amazing souls who live for meaningful sights filled with the artistic vibes then make these places one of the very first things to do in dubai.

1. Raffles Hotel Dubai

Appreciating good architecture is like experiencing the creative mindset of the architect through the real life version of their ideas.
Even if your dubai holidays has ended and you’re set to leave the city, make sure you’ve gone through all the breathtaking sights.

The Raffles hotel of Dubai is definitely worth a visit if you want to see the modern architecture and the middle-eastern vibe combined.

2. The light and sound show at Wafi mall

You’ll be thrilled to see how beautifully the digitized technologies take over the walls of Wafi mall built in style of the old middle-eastern buildings.

Give yourself a break from all the jumbled up thoughts and enjoy this remarkable sight of modern art.

3. Al Qasr Hotel


The reason hotels are supposed to be built beautifully is that they’re supposed to put a traveler’s mind at ease in order to feel comfortable. The lobby of this hotel is surely one of a kind. Though it’s also inspired by the middle-eastern culture but the way it’s built is praise-worthy. Such architectures are the best at defining sophisticated royalty.

4. Shakespeare & Co.

This place could be your best stop of satisfaction considering the type of taste you having in art. Such artistic designs never fail to attract people like you and I.You can sit back and enjoy your meal or simply discuss about the places you’ve been to in the city. Basically, the best kind of comfort you need during your Dubai tour.The place is remarkable for enjoying a relaxed meal since it’s reasonably royal in its own unique way and perfectly comfortable as well.

5. Massive dome of the Emirates palace hotel

Such an immensely remarkable architecture which literally makes even an amount of 3 billion dollars look like it was paid off well!
The keen and passionate efforts of the makers and architects are finely noticeable in the massive dome of this hotel. The kinds of efforts that make you wonder about the reaches of man-made architectures. Dubai is the best at being uncommon with the things that are common within its territory.
If these artistic places attracted you enough to make you consider a Dubai tour then you should surely check out the dubai holiday packages being offered by Mala because if you’re going to go on a trip, don’t forget to make it count.


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