Birthdays are a big deal for a lot of people around the world. This is when your friends and family take time out of their busy lives to celebrate the date you were born. It is a gesture to show how special you are for the people around you. There are several outdoor birthday party venues in Dubai that can hold one of the most lavish and extravagant birthdays imaginable.

Ten of the best birthday party venues are listed below. These venues are perfect for surprising the person you love because of the food, view, and the atmosphere.

Atlantis Resort:

The Atlantis resort is the perfect spot for holding any kind of festivities, especially birthdays. From the outdoor views, the food and the grand service to the overall luxury of it all, Atlantis resorts has everything you might need for a perfectly executed birthday. With the right price, they offer support with their professionals to make the birthday as smooth as possible.

Dubai Polo Club:

The Dubai Polo club is the perfect opportunity to interact with your family or friends. The place offers great food and an experience with horses unlike any other. If the birthday person loves horses and wants to spend their day outdoors, what better place than where the two combine. You won’t just see a show but also be part of creating a lasting memory in their minds.

Al Khazzan Park:

This park is the perfect hidden gem for holding your child’s birthday party. The park has a great vibe and can outshine any other venue just because of its simplicity and sophistication. You and your guests would feel like you are out on a picnic while you celebrate this amazing day with the people you hold dear to you. Plan a few party games along the way to make things more interesting.

Flip Out (Trampoline Place):

This trampoline park has all the excitement one could wish for on their birthday. Not everyone wishes to cut cake and be sang to the clichéd song. Some people wish for excitement because that’s when you make the best of memories. Flip Out is such a place where anyone can celebrate birthdays. They offer a range of packages for birthday parties with exclusive ride offers. Imagine all your guests suddenly jumping with joy knowing they aren’t going to a boring conventional birthday party.

Beach Lounge:

This beach birthday party venue is perfect for people who wish to enjoy either the sunlight or the sunset in Dubai. After the sunset, the place opens up to a new vibe where you see LED lights cover the place with a kind of futuristic vibe to it. Imagine holding a birthday party outdoors with such a setting. What’s more is that it is situated on the private beach of the Burj Al Arab which makes it a gem of a spot to celebrate birthdays at.

Sky Lounge:

With brightly colored cushions and being located on the 35th floor of the Hilton Dubai, the Sky Lounge is your outdoor premium spot for birthdays. It is a place where you can not only find excitement (being this high from the ground) but also enjoy your food near the top of a building that overlooks the other great buildings in Dubai.

Nasimi Beach:

The overall view from this beach is phenomenal. Your guests and you can sit back, enjoy a wonderful drink and just cherish the moment as it is. The sun at the edge of this beautiful beach with turquoise blue waters is perfect for those seeking a quieter and more intimate experience with nature. Not all people are party people hence it is perfect for anyone who wants to mellow out.

Uptown Bar:

It is located on the 24th floor of the Jumeirah Hotel and has some great reviews about the service. The cocktail bar is a personal favorite of many who come over just to have a drink. While they do their thing, you can end up celebrating your birthday with your friends just by having a good drink option.

360 Degree:

This place has an overview of the Burj Al Arab and the Arabian Sea. Imagine witnessing the two while people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you. Something like that is surely going to be remembered by everyone who comes over. They also have a cool dance floor where you and your guests can dance the night away.

At.mosphere: This venue is located on the 122 level of the Burj Khalifa and is one of the highest venues to hold your birthdays at. The place might be covered but it feels like you are floating amongst the clouds hence this too is an unforgettable experience.

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